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Pilsner Urquell

Hey all, thanks for your replies! I did go and check out Rahman. While there were quite a lot of beers (mostly Quebec microbrewery) Pilsner Urquell was not among them.

I'll still keep my eyes peeled for this one. How does a beer-guzzling city not have one of the originals?!

Pilsner Urquell

Hi all,

I remember several years ago being able to find this beer at Métro Joanette on De L'Église in Verdun. I went there this past weekend and the selection has shrunk considerably, the same selection I can find at the Métro close to home. I also checked Dépanneur Grand Duc in Longueuil (to no avail).

Does anyone know of a depanneur/SAQ that has this beer? Thanks in advance.

Dinner & brunch around Central Valley, NY

Thanks all for your suggestions. This means I'll have to go back to eat!
Leslie thanx for the Cosimo's suggestion, we went there and happily ate their superb Italian fare. Now I know where to go after a day of shopping..

We unfortunately didn't make it to Painter's, but their brunch menu looked awesome. Guess we have to save some for next time..

Dinner & brunch around Central Valley, NY

I'll say I won't mind a 10-15 minute drive (from the Commons), as long as good food is at that destination!

I'm going to try to keep my Saturday alcohol-free because I've got an anniversary get-together Sunday eve that will definitely involve booze.

Dinner & brunch around Central Valley, NY

A friend and I will be staying overnight near Woodbury Commons outlet mall (Central Valley, NY) for the weekend.

We'd like recommendations for dinner (no chain restos, please) in the outlying areas, and brunch the next morning.
Price range $20-$30, any style of cuisine welcome.
Any address provided - we'll GPS it.

Thanks in advance!

Sumo Ramen

I had the traditional miso and it was quite good! The broth was very tasty and the noodles were yummy.
However, I wasn't too crazy about the mushrooms, and I was looking for the slices of fish cake (big pink swirl in the middle) which were nowhere to be found...
But it's a good place if you're looking for a ramen fix.

Looking for Breakfast

Unfortunately Le Grille Pain is no more :'(
They changed hands and is now called Le Passé Composé. The menu is shortened (I used to love agonizing over what I'd eat). I only tried a basic eggs-bacon-toast breakfast and it was decent. The fruit took up half of the plate and had a lot of variety (pineapple; ground cherries; blueberries among other standards like cantaloupe and grapes).
However I wasn't impressed by the service - a guy sat waiting at a table for over 5 minutes and never got served; the waitress pulled a disappearing act when I wanted my bill; and I had to ASK her to refill my coffee (big no-no on a bleary-eyed early Saturday morning)

La Fornarina ?

Maybe I don't know any better, but I like eating the lasagna there. Mmmm...

Good Dessert Places

Juliette et Chocolat at 1615 St-Denis, above de Maisonneuve.

Chocolate-themed desserts galore, including crepes, brownies, fondue and old-fashioned hot chocolate.

Looking for some good ol' pumpernickel

Hi all, when I was younger I used to be able to get some good pumpernickel (dark in colour and not the brown pseudo-one now found in some bakeries like Première Moisson) but not as of recent.

I know there's some at PA Supermarché near Atwater, but I am looking for the really dense & chewy stuff, not too soft & spongy (and not too many unpronouncable ingredients!)

Please help :) Looking forward to some good sandwiches in the near future.