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recommendation for brewpub with good food and not too expensive

Hi, all.

We're traveling to Portland in August and my husband would love to try one of the brewpubs/microbreweries/craft beer pubs we keep hearing and reading about. We can travel wherever but it must have good food as well (I don't really drink but would love to try some good food) and hopefully not too hideously expensive.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much....

Jul 28, 2010
msbz in Metro Portland

SD/North County: all you can eat sushi


So my kids are addicted to sushi and it's become kind of expensive to go with them. But I like that they share my and my husband's enjoyment of sushi. Does anyone know of a sushi place in SD or North County that's all you can eat? We've tried Todai, which the kids liked but my husband wasn't too thrilled with the quality.

Many thanks in advance!

Sep 26, 2009
msbz in San Diego