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Yeah with the way the building is looking I would think it would not be another 7 weeks. The outside looks very nice and it's a major upgrade from what was there before. I live up the street so on the weekends I typically drive down there and peek to see if anything says about when they are opening. I look forward to walking down there and trying out the food.

first bad experience with H-Mart in Burlington

That would be a great idea. The Burlington MB really is too small. I usually shop at the one in Chelmsford and it's just so much bigger and wide open. I felt lost going into the Burlington one!

H-Mart Burlington!!!

Well there are signs at Hmart that say if you park at Market Basket your car will be towed. I went Sunday morning at around 9am and got a spot close to the store and ran to Market Basket for a few other things afterwards and there were a few cops standing near the entrance behind Market Basket when I was leaving. I assume they were there to stop people from parking there and crowd control.


Wow that is crazy! I know that area very well, lived nearby in Woburn for a few years. I was thinking I could always park behind the Market Basket and just walk if I needed. I plan on going tomorrow morning. It's a good thing I know a few back roads as I can imagine tomorrow will be just as bad.

Thank you so much for sharing your pics. Looks awesome and I can't wait to go! :)