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arabic grocery store near Ventura,CA

Nice! Thanks for the info! I am still looking for stores like this. We seem to have just about no Mediterranean markets or restaurants from Santa Cruz to Simi Valley.... Not sure why. We have found that Valley Produce in Simi has a nice selection. In Santa Barbara we have also found European Deli and Market which has a great Armenian, Russian and Arabic foods selection. Other than that NOTHING!
Thanks again!

Feb 20, 2013
richsbca in Los Angeles Area

arabic grocery store near Ventura,CA

Hello everyone,

My wife is Egyptian and would like to make me some egyptian food,however we are unable to find any arabic or persian grocery stores around our area of Ventura ca. Can anyone point me to a store in Ventura or L.A.?? Thank you

Sep 25, 2009
richsbca in Los Angeles Area