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Best sushi in Orlando?

Best Sushi IMO is both Amura resturants and FUJI on Alafaya across from the waterford lakes plaza. If you go to Fuji, u must try the dessert roll!!! One of a kind!

Sep 27, 2009
G37CSAC in Florida

Best Sicilian Pizza in Dade/Broward County?

By Sicilian do you mean the square one? If so in broward check out Pizza Time on nob hill/sunrise.. In Dade you can check out but they dont always have it. (im not sure if it's the best in dade, but i grew up eating it so it is to me! )

Romantic resturants in Broward/Dade county?

no one?

Romantic resturants in Broward/Dade county?

I am looking for some really romantic restaurants to impress a girl.. Price really doesn't matter.. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!