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Picasso (anyone been recently?) and tasting menu question...

I think tasting menus can be overrated. For two, I I usually prefer ordering a la carte and just sharing each of our courses. We just make sure we never order the same thing. 1) You end up getting what you really want, 2) It's cheaper, and 3) Given that tasting menus usually force the two of you to eat the same thing, it's only a couple courses less of things you wouldn't be able to try.

But some restaurants are really built off their tasting menu such as Guy Savoy and Alex. But for places like B&B or Bar Charlie, I'd be happier going ALC

Dec 31, 2009
AustinLineCook in Las Vegas

Dining in Vegas: Restaurant etiquette question!

I'm going to dine in Vegas and I'm trying to coordinate going to Vegas shows but still have grand tasting menus at some restaurants.

The question is, is it proper to order an approximately 5-course menu that will likely last about 2 hours at a time of 9:30pm when the restaurant closes at 10:30? How do things like that work? That's what I'd like to do when I eat at Twist (YES!).

Is there usually a cutoff time in which restaurants won't be serving grande tasting menus? I'm a chef myself, so I know what it's like when people order lots of food 5 minutes before closing time. But at the same time, I'm not working at a place like Joel Robuchon. I'm sure I could walk in and order the 4-hour tasting menu at 9:00, but I don't want my food being cooked by a pissed off kitchen eiither. Or is it all good since this IS a 3-star michelin place and you ARE paying $500 pp for a meal?

Dec 30, 2009
AustinLineCook in Las Vegas

Seafood downtown - Eddie V's or Gumbo's the Best Choice?

Not a fan of Eddie V's. Eddie V's and Truluck's are very similar and almost sport the same menu and prices. Both are very popular though, and I would pick Truluck's over Eddie V's. I've never never eaten at Gumbo's.

But my pick would definitely be Perla's, which is a bit south of downtown. It's a great place.

Sep 24, 2009
AustinLineCook in Austin