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HAJIME - Osaka

Sound wonderfull.
Did you make any pictures?

We will be going there for dinner at the end of january, so can't hardly wait. ;)

Dec 11, 2010
repoman2u in Japan

Christmas + New Year

Well, we finally finished making all the reservations for Tokyo.
Luckily our hotel helped us with it.
On the first Christmas day we will be visiting Kondo (awsome introdution to world of tempura).
The second christmas day w'll be going to La Bombance (heard some great things about this place).
On the 31st of December we are of to Restorante Aso, for a pre fix dinner.
We will also have lunch at Gordon and Tateru Yoshino.
And luckily we could reserve a place at Quintessence, really looking forward to this place. ;)

Kyoto hasn't yet been filled in, so any suggestions for some good Kaiseki dinners would be great.
We will be staying there for 2 nights.

Nov 02, 2009
repoman2u in Japan

reservations at Michelin (and ilk) places--any easier in this economy?

Just checked the Pierre Gagnaire website, but am I right that they have closed?
Guess I am not visiting them during my next visit in December. ;(

Oct 17, 2009
repoman2u in Japan

Christmas + New Year

Hi everybody,
My wife and I will be going on a 10 day trip to Tokyo.
We are MAD about food and definitely want to try some high class restaurants, perhaps some Michelin rated places.
We will be there during the Christmas and New Year time, I loved to receive some suggestion to were we should/could be eating during this period (we love both Japanese and French cuisine) and if most restaurant will be open during this time. Or maybe most are already fully booked????
We are going crazy reading the Tokyo Michelin guide, drooling all over it. ;)

Christmas eve and the 1st and 2nd Christmas day, including new years eve are of course the main days for us to eat at a wonderful place.

Between Christmas and new years we will be visiting Kyoto with the bullet train, so eating at a top kaiseki restaurant would be super also.

Hope you can give us some info, so love to hear from you. ;)

Sep 23, 2009
repoman2u in Japan