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Lovely, neighborhood birthday dinner

Thank you all for your quick responses! We went to Tilth, and had a wonderful evening through and through. Atmospherically, it was absolutely on target. Perhaps a bit expensive to become a regular place, but just wonderful for a birthday dinner. I'm looking forward to trying out the other suggestions. Thank you, all.

Sep 26, 2009
moineau in Greater Seattle

Lovely, neighborhood birthday dinner

Dear Seattle-lovers and Seattleites,

I just moved to Seattle from Chicago with my partner, whose birthday is tomorrow. In Chicago, we were fortunate to live right around the corner from Lula--a lovely and charming neighborhood restaurant that accommodated everything from impromptu lunches to the most extravagant and celebratory evenings. Lula has a $10 pasta dish that will blow your mind, a farm dinner that will leave you beautifully stuffed, gorgeous entrees, and a wine list that's nearly perfect. It's mostly local, entirely seasonal, splurgey if you want it, and not if you don't. The interior manages to strike a balance between minimal and warm, and the servers do the same.

Basically, we were in love with the place. And now that we're here, I'm looking for somewhere similar to take S. for his birthday. We live in Greenlake, and I'm buckling down to the idea that our Seattle Lula will probably not be in the neighborhood. But I would very much welcome your ideas for a birthday dinner spot that can, over time, become our place. Is it Tilth? Elemental? Sitka and Spruce?

The kicker is: I'd love to find a place within biking distance from Greenlake. That is to say, close enough to still make it home after splitting a bottle of wine. But I'll take any and all suggestions. Many thanks!

Sep 23, 2009
moineau in Greater Seattle