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Does anybody know of any good Yugoslavian restaurants in Toronto?

it looks like there are many serbian, but not many croatian places to go to. i visited Zagreb, Croatia last year and loved their ambiance, but can't find the same here. I will add additional cute little store info I really like, called Slovenija where I bought cevapi or easter ham in the past. The store is located north of Bloor on dundas west across from price chopper. The store owners are quite nice to everyone, not just ppl from the Balkans. I also ordered some great cevapi and some other meats from this restaurant called Bosnia, near Dundas West/Runnymede and the lady in that restaurant made some great cheese pastry called "burek" for me too. they were very nice to me, but the place was a bit intimidating since the men sitting down in the restaurant seemed a bit perplexed what I was doing there.

Japanese BY Japanese

Zen in scarborough so far the best place i have been in terms of japanese food in GTA. that said i haven't been to kaji yet. fyi, nami downtown was a disappointment service and food wise, but sure is trendy. i also liked benihana tapanayaki in royal york hotel.