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Masterchef US Final 3 tonight--conclusion (expect spoilers here)


about 21 hours ago
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Goodbye to The Coffee Mill

thanks for your quick answer! I just read the zillion posts in the "Old Toronto" thread, and was salivating at the memories! Benny's and its sandwiches-named-for-celebrities-who probably-never-set-foot-in-the joint was not mentioned. Which is fair - it wasn't terribly good, but it was nice for that area of Yonge in the late 70s.

Goodbye to The Coffee Mill

Hey Prima, would you happen to know if NY Deli is related in some way to Benny's, which used to be at Yonge and Charles? I used to go there all the time when I was a kid, then moved out of Toronto, and it it had disappeared when I returned. I haven't thought of the place in years, but your post tweaked old memories ...

Food Events - 2014 (Toronto area and rest of Ontario)

Have any of you explored Taste Real or Rural Romp? Taste Real is an umbrella campaign for agriculture in the Guelph area. They have several specific events over the course of the year ... a Field Dinner (this year's is on the 14th at Thatcher's Farm) wherein notable chefs from the area create a communal feast out of local ingredients. Rural Romp occurs on September 27th, and allows you access to small agri-businesses that are normally not open to the public, as well as some that are. www.tastereal.com gives all the details (except that the participating farms etc for Rural Romp aren't up yet, but will be soon with a rather good map of all the county roads and rural routes in the area.) I should add that Rural Romp is occurring during Elora's Studio Tour and during a weekend where all sorts of arts and culture events are planned in the area. It really is a fun day for a road trip in some really pretty country!

Advice for my Mum on printing her own recipe book

It must be something in the air ... I did the same thing earlier this summer, only in a relatively low tech way. I just copied them all out to Word and then printed them on paper that I think was intended for scrapbooking, that had a motif that seemed meaningful for the intended recipient. I put two pages into a sheet protector, and then put the sheet protectors in a huge binder that will lie flat. Smear proof, spill proof, and I/the recipient can keep adding to it. Or by changing the paper, and pressing print again, I can re-gift. But I wasn't aware of the websites & was contemplating using wordpress or something to make the opus accessible to all who care.

Aug 21, 2014
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Federal Discrimination suit filed against David Burke

He's the only one named in the article.
His lawyer is seeking class action status.

Federal Discrimination suit filed against David Burke

I don't know much about contract law, but if the verbal promise that the claimant says was made to him when he was hired, that he could have Fridays off for religious purposes, is true, and it is viewed as a binding condition of employment, then I think that there is a case. But I think that those two "clauses" have to be met.
What was weird in the original article was that it's not clear that the law firm quoted is involved in the case. If it is, “We think this lawsuit is probably unfounded but I need to investigate it” is probably the closest thing to the truth that a lawyer ever said!

Top Chef Canada begins tonight

Yes - those four brows (and I think a bit of nipping and tucking elsewhere on Vittorio's smooth shiny face) suggest to me that if Canada did a metrosexual guy lifestyle series, or a plastic surgery competition series, it would be even worse than either of these two cooking competition knock-offs. Throw that blonde in from masterchef & you can only conclude that quality work is not available north of the 49th!

Top Chef Canada begins tonight

I noticed the eyebrows right away, especially since I was watching Canadian Masterchef and there was another male chef there with the same eyebrows. i will also miss Jesse, who seemed to be having fun.

Any thoughts on MasterChef Canada?

That portion of MasterChef was brought to you by Philadelphia Cream Cheese™, and chefs were advised to bring out the fine flavour of that fine ingredient by Kraft™.

So I would say yes, you would be slammed.

The Taste 2/6/14 spoilt egos

Yes, I do.
I also know that Taiwan was conquered by the Portuguese, and that the culinary legacy of it, as well as other invaders such as the Dutch and the Japanese, remain.

The Taste 2/6/14 spoilt egos

Taiwan is a food paradise! And it has a Portuguese flavour, especially in desserts and pastries, so maybe that's where the egg thread thing came from.

Food Events - 2014 (Toronto area and rest of Ontario)

Chef Higgins will also be cooking a dinner in Elora Friday 17 January in support of sustainable agriculture in the area - A few $50. tickets remain, www.wcsa.com

Morton's Employees Make Major Faux Pas

Rules at a restaurant concerning dress code are not the same as rules at a restaurant concerning health and safety, or rules in the military concerning dress code. Being bald and cold because you are battling cancer and weakened by chemo is not the same as being cold because you are bald. Morton's website raves about its hospitality and recommends a certain type of dress for the comfort of its guests. It does not forbid anything. It does not mention hats but it does indicate that sandals and t-shirts are not favoured.

Your favorite ice cream recipes?

I haven't tried the david lebovitz recipe, but the Epicurious one for salted caramel is easy to make and very very tasty. That site also has a buttermilk lemon sorbet that is a lovely pre-dessert dessert!

Jun 17, 2013
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The American Baking Competition - Wednesdays, CBS-TV, 8pm EST

I watched this show for the first time this weekin a marathon of taped episodes of it and NFNWS. Interesting comparisons when back to back, and I think that this show is better tv for most of the same reasons that others have stated here.
But I had never heard of either of the judges, so I googled them, and according to the Daily Mail, both of them have left their spouses for each other ... is that the new bar for reality tv ratings?

Fun blog - Caker Cooking

Thanks for sharing this ... brought back many a memory of church socials, bridal showers, bake sales and the like.

LCBO Express

I didn't think that it was "remote", I thought that it was "suburban and rural communities" that would be selected for the pilot project. I guess it's all in how you define "remote" - since I now live in a rural community, I now think of airplane access as remote!

LCBO Express

I think that it's rather a genius compromise move by the provincial Liberal government - doesn't go as far as Hudak's conservatives would, but placates the NDP, which want to preserve gov't/union jobs. I don't see how it would benefit "that portion of the population where the Conservatives have a stronghold" though.

I would be interested in seeing how it affects the wineries that currently operate kiosks in grocery stores. My Conservative riding has a winery & 2 breweries that sell product, a grocery kiosk, 2 LCBOs (one is being replaced by a modernized, bigger one) and 2 beer stores, so we won't likely see one. But it has to be a market that is big enough to succeed, so I wouldn't count Toronto out.

Italian-style Hot Table in the GTA

Jolie's in the Crossroads Plaza, Weston Road and 401 (lunch only).

LCBO Food & Drink Magazine - Holiday Edition 2012

The alarm sounded here caused me to panic - I went to two LCBOs which didn't have the mag. I ended up making a purchase at the third, and the cashier surreptitiously asked me if I wanted a holiday magazine with my purchase - she had a box of them under her counter! i'm just breezing through it now, and so far, it's not knocking my socks off compared to last year.

Good spots in Guelph

Y'all are psychic! I'm moving to guelph in a few months, and was going to ask if there were any updates for this thread. For what it's worth, my local sources like Cornerstone and Atmosphere, but I haven't been to either. But I sure appreciate the timeliness of this thread - thanks!

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

I've never had awful service there, but I've never had good service either. Shame, because it's tasty and close. If the kitchen was in the back, and paul's contact with the public was limited, I think that it would be a good move for them, bacause Paul can love barbecue all he wants. but if he's running a restaurant,he's more than a cook, he's a host. And that's my problem with the place - no charm, no recognition of regulars, no small talk. So, in the end, the quality (and sometimes the quantity) of the food available doesn't compensate.


The nicest patios are in fergus, about a ten minute drive away, at either the brewhouse or the Goofy Newfie - right on the river. The cellar and Mill Street Bakery in Elora also have patios on the river as well, but the views aren't quite as dramatic. Remember that the Inn in Elora is closed 'till next year.

Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 13, FINALE (spoilers)

I have vague memories of someone in an earlier episode being ciriticized for serving raw meat to a pregnant judge, so I don't quite understand why David got a pass for serving steak tartare to the same, still-pregnant judge. I thought that Trista should have won that round, and I agree that if the judging was based solely on that last meal, Jonathon should have won. But on the whole, I enjoyed this season more than I enjoyed last season.

Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 10 (spoilers)

When i saw the bio and photo of Trevor, I was worried that he was leaving, especially when he was in the bottom 3. His comments and humour make the show for me, although I expect that Carl will win. I found that the judge's criticism of his "lack of soul" a bit contrived, like they needed 3 in the bottom, and chose Carl.

Champion House Shrimp #44 Hot and Sour Recipe

Now that i see the recipe i recall why I never tried making it - lots of steps and ingredients that seemed daunting, what was it, 20 years ago? But i have been dreaming about these shrimp for the past month or so, so I will roll up my sleeves. Thank you so much Millygirl - this isn't the first time that you have come to my rescue!

May 06, 2012
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St Jacobs Farmers Market?!

The elora farmer's market returns to its pretty outside location May 12 after a long winter outdoors. It's little, and kind of eccentric, and I imagine that its focus will be on produced goods like honey and baked goods until the Ontario produce rolls out (that's what it's like during the winter when it's inside). But I love it!

Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 6 (spoilers)

and chewing! i realize that it is likely that all chefs were tasting their work on the fly, but everytime Liz was on camera, she was nibbling! The edit on the last few shows made her really unlikeable, but she was one of my favourites at the end of the first episode. And I really like Lisa Ray - her opinions are well-expressed and seem to be well-founded - more integral to the show than last year's blonde, imo.

Champion House Restaurant

I am glad to know that I'm not the only one pining for those shrimp! I'm going to bump this thread to revive other half of my question; does anyone know of a restaurant in T.O that serves the same style of shrimp as the Champion House did all those years ago?