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Best fried chicken in LA? where is it?

M&M's on Centinela. I have been to most of these places, and for my money, M&M's either plain or smothered is the best in town. plus, you get the kind of sides you want with Fried Chicken. And the portions are huge, two plate meals. Corn muffins are good. Check it out for yourself.

Dec 21, 2009
erice008 in Los Angeles Area

Seeking good Carolinas-style BBQ on the Westside (vinegar-based sauce, fall-of-the-bone tender)

check out bigmistas for some very, very good barbecue. This guy does it right. And a little apple vinegar in the sauce makes it work just right. He hits up different farmers markets from Watts to Glendale (no longer at the Lawndae one, but the website has not been updated). Check him out slanging slow cooked ribs and brisket at a famers market near you

Sep 21, 2009
erice008 in Los Angeles Area