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Brooklyn Bavarian Biergarten

A genius move. The space is superb and we were welcomed by Denise, who was the brains behind our daughter's bat mitzvah at the BBG's Palm House back when.

The local craft selection was more than adequate - had Six Point (including Resin!) and Flagship IPA from the new player in Staten Island...reasonably priced. We ordered a mixed pierogi plate - 8 of them, dough-y yet satisfying and topped with the requisite fried onions and side of sour cream. The "uber-pretzel" and the wursts looked huge.

There's an indoor hall being readied for opening any day now but give me any table, anywhere on the outside and I'll be a very happy guy...perhaps the one next to the waterfalls!

Italian couple doing AirBNB in Brooklyn (Bed Stuy) what are some great suggestions?

+1 EMILY Pizza...Try a simple margharita red pie and then a more unusual like a "Q" pie (4 cheese spectacular) with added sausage.
Walk straight down Fulton Street towards Clinton / Waverly Avenue.

If so inclined, BED-STUY FISH FRY has some reasonably good value down-home cooking. My fave: Mac 'n' cheese, especially the deep-dark scrapings off the pan's sides.

Jul 28, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Nathans Coney Island

Head for Nathan's Famous web site and put your thoughts there, too. Who knows, you might just be contacted by a company quality control rep...and, at the very least, be rewarded with some "5-cent" or "two-for-one" doggie specials from Nathan's Coupon Club.

Jul 25, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Seeded watermelon

Passed by the corner of Franklin Avenue and Dean Street yesterday and checked the watermelons from the shack just off the northwest corner. The stand featured hefty elongated $10 melons, so bought a "MELON-1" branded specimen from Georgia - was the sweetest of the sweet I've had in memory, albeit seedless.

Ask Sid the watermelon man if he can order a few of the old-fashioned 50-lb. monsters on his next shipment! With seeds AND without stripes!

Jul 06, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Red Hook Lobster Pound

The Red Hook flagship serves up the full lobster dinner, with a side of Cape Cod Potato Chips. Rolls (my preference is the luscious "Connecticut"-style - warm meat and slathered with butter/NO MAYO!) can be had at any of the RHLP's foodtrucks scattered around town (the Brooklyn Flea, Smorgasburg, Coney Island - where Beer Island used to be, various street-fests, etc.). Their web site would clue you in.

Jun 27, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Portugal Day 2015 - Newark

Any great expectations and favorite eat-spots for this weekend's Ferry Street festivities?

(In recent years, I've relied on "PicNic", just after the bend at Wilson Street, for tender leitao / suckling pig and sardinhas asadas.)

Jun 12, 2015
Mike R. in New Jersey

Seeded watermelon

Was there a brand-name sticker on the ALDI melon? What was it?

I've found some sweetest of the seedless labeled "Melon-1" brand, mainly from Georgia.

Jun 11, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs


Let's not forget Eagle's second-to-none chopped liver. Made it to many holiday tables and electrified palates.

May 28, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Seeded watermelon

And just where do you think your future melons and berries will come from without any seeds?

IMO, soccer-ball sized, seedless watermelons, with very few exceptions, are inferior in richness to the once prevalent elongated 50-lb monster melons from days gone by, like those sold off the backs of trucks parked on Atlantic Avenue. It's a sticky subject, but the world of GMOs is conquering our food supply to the point where uniform size and coloring, thicker skins and shipping ability become primary factors.

May 28, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Round out my Atlantic Ave run

Grab a slice of pizza at Table 87...Atlantic Avenue near Henry Street...distinctive crust, fresh ingredients. Pour on the hot oil.

May 18, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Commune

+1 on the Viet salad. Great coffee and the best little snack item for a buck apiece - the reddish-orange-tinged corn cakes.

Since the OP, they seem to have dropped lemon ricotta from the menu. I've been hunting for it at the Brooklyn Flea/Smorgasburg...without success.

Apr 29, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs


>>>You can't even get a good bagel anymore; not even in borough park.<<<

What a load of bull. No matter how hard I've try, I know of not one other adventuresome CH'er who's sampled the crusty, crunchy classics at "Bagels 'n' More" (on 14th Avenue around 43rd Street) and reported back. All this time, you've been searching the Terrace, the Holes, the (fallen) Empires, the Noshes, the Ess-As and whichever for chewy rings of dough.

Come home to Boro Park...but wait 'til next week, after Pesach and not on Shabbat. Make it your 7:30 AM wake-up call. About 10 blocks from Church Avenue on the F 'n' G trains. Who's up for the challenge?

Apr 05, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Bushwick Family Dinner

"Roberta's"...more than the phenomenal pizza.
If it's an early dinner, the (escorted) kids will have plenty of excitement roaming the neighborhood in search of the best, most colorful wall murals...while you grab a quick happy hour specialty drink or brew at "Pine Box Rock Shop" on Grattan St.

Morgan Avenue stop on the L train.

Apr 03, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Favorite Mom & Pop Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn

There's Joe's of Avenue U (Sicilian) on Avenue U near McDonald Ave...and Fiorentino's on the other side of McDonald.

Mar 27, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Supermarket in Brooklyn for Passover items

If you can stand the crowds, point yourself in the direction of Borough Park, around 39th Street and 13th Avenue. You won't need to go anywhere else.

1 - Kollel Rabayyim (39th between 13th & 14th Aves.) is a gigantic Kosher/KP store - it's got everything, including a dozen brands of shmura matzohs (which are in the $20+/lb. range unless you buy the Russian imports).
2 - Paperific - (38th St. just inside 15th Avenue)...Not just party goods anymore...a solid selection of everyday groceries and Pesach items.
3 - The store formerly known as Friedman's in the old NYC Public Market building on 39th and 13th corner...modern, clean, has the goods.
4 - Shatzer Matzoh Bakery - On Cortelyou Rd. near East 2nd Street - Fresh outta the oven...regular, whole wheat and (IIRC) spelt. Makes for great gifting and eating...especially the burnt ones - if you can get them. Slight discount for "broken" boxes.

It's wise to check the alternate side parking rules before you drive down...Kollel has an indoor lot but you could wait an hour to get in. Pushing your old-fashioned shopping cart? Now that's better!

Mar 21, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Great coffee in Brooklyn

Threes...another wild success, thus far. Stopped in on Saturday to a packed house and found the "brew"-on-"brew" concept intriguing. The caffeinated part opens up at 7AM. Once the weather warms up and their expansive backyard doors swing open, you could sip and hang all day (and all of the night)!

One cool aspect is the rotating guest appearances by hot local eateries. This week featured Battersby, opening week was Delaney BarBQue with some awesome brisket sammie-sliders. If I recall correctly, Roberta's was also in the house.

Mar 17, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Great coffee in Brooklyn

Let me add my two cents...with some chill thrown in:

Iced coffee, Kyoto-style, served up in a pint glass at KRUPA GROCERY (PPW and Windsor Place, just inside Windsor Terrace). A high octane brew with 20,000 leagues depth of flavor. Tip: Minimal ice...maximum enjoyment, even at 2/3 coffee, 1/3 whole milk ratio. These days, sit at the bar. Summer's coming and the backyard will open up soon.

Mar 16, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Park Slopers -- what are your go-to spots for take-out?

In my rotation...

KULUSHKAT (on Dean Street just off 5th Avenue) - top-notch falafel;
SONG - Thai (wide noodle dishes, squid salad, prik king) - value;
YAMATO - Maki rolls and snowpea shoots;

Mar 16, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

two dinners and two lunches in Lima peru

Anything worthy for a two-hour Lima airport captive layover?

Argentina Salta Northwest region - Restaurant recommendations

Allow me to revive this post...as it will be our destination soon.
Salta, Cafayate, anything Northwest and some CH absolute favorites (comidas tipicas, parillas, etc.) in Buenos Aires would be quite welcome.

I am looking for a photo of Lum's Chinese restaurant in flushing.

Sad thing that LUM's is just a memory...the site of hundreds of Sweet Sixteen parties - including my cousins' - and other large-scale events.

In the current Asian-infused Flushing, a recreation of such a place with retro feel and "classic" Column A/Column B menu might be more than welcome, give a historic touch and be a huge destination spot.

I'll start with a roast pork wonton soup. Barbecued spare ribs and eggroll. Shrimp and lobster sauce. Chicken chow mein. MSG buzz. Pistachio ice cream. Fortune cookie. Glass of tea. Done.

Mar 05, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Morgans BBQ Vs. Dino-BBQ (union)

Here's another solid option: Delaney BBQ/Briskettown on Bedford/South 4th in Williamsburg.

Service is terrific. Sides, which can be iffy in BBQ joints, are special (rich, peppery potato salad, mac'n'cheese) and the dry-rubbed ribs and brisket (order it wet) are straightforward and supreme. Recommended for the candle: their pumpkin pie thing.

Just had my own "Birthday Meat" dinner (ask about it!) there and looking fw to multiple future visits.

Mar 05, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Cricket World Cup

You could snack on some top-notch Bangladeshi or Pakistani steam-table cuisine and watch the matches at "Sughanda" on McDonald Ave. near Church Ave. or in any number of spots along Coney Island Avenue between Beverley Road and Avenue H.

Feb 18, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Georgian in Brooklyn: Pirosmani vs. Tbilisi vs. Tone Cafe vs. Mtskheta

Drove by Lagidze the other day and it looks shuttered for good.

My personal favorite in the category is NARGIS on Coney Island Avenue near Avenue Y...Especially the outdoor section in warm weather. Stellar avocado salad, skewers, chuchvara, manti and samsas.

Feb 17, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Gluten-free dining in Brooklyn- need recommendations

Given so many openings the past two years, can someone please update this thread for anything Downtown Brooklyn all the way to Park Slope/Prospect Heights...pretty much same food parameters as the OP post. Looking at dinner for 6 next Monday night.


Feb 15, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Where can I get an onion board?

+1 - Kossar's recipes are far askew from their last known greatness back in the late 1980s. Back then, I commonly could down three bialys in rapid succession or a whole pletzl no problem ("lotta onions, please").

Mimi Sheraton wrote a "Bialy" book sometime circa 1990 - great read, historically-speaking.

Jan 18, 2015
Mike R. in Manhattan

Zapp's Chips in NYC?

Did you try Dean and DeLuca?

If all else fails, quick hop on the subway to Park Slope. "R" to Union Street. Bierkraft on 5th Avenue has 'em.

Jan 08, 2015
Mike R. in Manhattan

queens: the lesson plan?

This thread has quite the CH "Hall-of-Fame" quality about it (restos AND posters)!

Let me add:

KNISH NOSH: Always request your knishes "from the rack" towards the back of the store...those are straight from the oven. Not from the old tin hotbox up front and not microwaved.

Pause on the N. Side of Queens Blvd. / 67th Road for some Uzbeki/Uiyghur samsas, soups and salads at CAFE ARZU...also plenty of luscious skewered meaty stuff.

Just surprised no one's given honorable mention to the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, site of a great CH event of all-time.

Jan 06, 2015
Mike R. in Outer Boroughs

Chinatown Banquets and Dish Selection

Funny you should mention this. Ordered a ginger-scallion whole fish at Grand Sichuan (W. 24th St.) the other night and it was, no question, tilapia.

Just as meh as you say. Since we were with out-of-town cousins and don't usually go the whole fish route, what other varieties might be cruising in the tank?

Jan 02, 2015
Mike R. in Manhattan

Chinatown Banquets and Dish Selection

Wanted Manhattan suggestions.

Jan 02, 2015
Mike R. in Manhattan