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Milford, CT next site of Colony Grill

The Fairfield branch was a big disappointment. Way too long to wait for food which set the tone for the totally uninspired pizza which followed. Perhaps it was a bad evening for them as the place was crowded and appears to have a lot of followers. I won't go back unless I get dragged there by friends.

Jun 27, 2012
trehouse in Southern New England

New life for Cobb's Mill Inn, Weston, CT

Seems that the proposed focus is a bit narrow for that area.

If they can pull in business other then the locals they may have a shot if the focus is the cabaret.

Apr 08, 2012
trehouse in Southern New England

Stew ongoing debate

I realize that I'm replying to an old thread but is it just me or have Stews prices LEAPT up recently? Not many competitive prices left here other then for meat. I'll stick to S+S and others for whatever I can purchase there.

Jul 26, 2011
trehouse in Southern New England

H & H on b'way and 80th closing

Sucky bagels, overpriced. Dirty place. Rude workers. Gone forever: Priceless.

Jun 24, 2011
trehouse in Manhattan

The King and I in Fairfield, CT

I brought my family to the King and I a few nights ago. The drunken noodle and pad se euee (sorry for the misspelling) were very good, IMHO not quite up to Kits Kitchen in N. Stamford but very close. We had the Thai fried rice and it was fair and also the shrimp glass noodle hot pot which was tasty.

We were overall very pleased with the tasty food but the hot pot and Thai fried rice portions were too small as a main dinner portion which Ima Foodie comments on above. This in of itself won't keep me from coming back but I know that appetizers are a must at this place if you or others are are hungry. Additionally, the beer selection is awful, a Thai beer, Bud and Bud Light unless the server simply didn't know.

King and I
545 Broadbridge Rd, Bridgeport, CT 06610

Jan 18, 2011
trehouse in Southern New England

No Colony Fairfield Reviews?

Place was pretty full, after being seated the wait at our table was 30 minutes for our pies. Not a pie on any tables around us for that entire time. They must do the take outs and eat ins alternatively (?).

After having dinner here I don't see the attraction to the food or experience. It's definitely not very Italian style nor NY style. Must be a CT style. The hyped hot oil with stingers (small green peppers) was good. Without the stingers though it would be plain, greasy and basically tasteless like the other pies we had. The wheat taste in the flour (semolina?) is very strong, for better or worse.

I'm not sure what the hype is but if you grew up eating these pies I guess it's what you're used to from back when the choices were more local or more limited. Medium sized very thin round disks with a medium amount of cheese and tomato. I can't really pick out any part in particular which is less inspired than the another.

For me, I'll stick with Pepe's in Fairfield or Coalhouse in Stamford if I want to feel like I'm having something special.

Jul 11, 2010
trehouse in Southern New England


I never found it totally negative as your review indicates. I'm not sure what happened but I find it somewhat unique in the area and a change in pace from the normal places on Rt. 1. For me it's the locale on the water and I agree with the tuna burger good amongst other items I've had there.

Jun 08, 2010
trehouse in Southern New England

Gone but not forgotten

More missers on this board...

It must have been good!

Michele's Pies, Norwalk CT - BF Throwdown

Yup, they've got good press and word of mouth on their side. Last week I purchased the Pecan Chocolate Bourbon pie for a dinner party. I'm not a big fan of pies but it was good, but to me not like the best ever pastry or even anything close. To be fair it was served cold and was boxed all day before eating.

One note is that they also sell items other then pies and I'm told that they regularly bring in bread from a bakery on Arthur Ave.

Arthur Ave Restaurant
2367 Hempstead Tpke, East Meadow, NY 11554

Coalhouse Pizza - Stamford

Had lunch here today with young daughter. Had 2 specialty pizzas from the menu. Both pies came out very nice with a crunchy very thin crust and an OK quantity of toppings.

The pies were with ham / ricotta / mozzarella / garlic / rosemary and this one was excellent. The 2nd was sweet sausage / onion / mozzarella / red peppers. Tasty but we agreed it wasn't as tasty or interesting as the former.

For dessert my daughter had the dessert pizza which was a small pizza crust baked and then spread with Nutella and marshmallows and then heated and slightly browned on top and sprinkled with powdered sugar. This was GOOD! Coffee was also good.

Price including 2 sodas (only $1 each) and came to $24.50 before tip.

Overall, the experience was good. Food was good if you like the very thin crust (not my favorite). The $ value was reasonable. Service was very friendly and helpful. I will go back again and would like to try the wings which I saw on the next table over and looked good.

Oct 27, 2009
trehouse in Southern New England

Looking for Outstanding Paella in Northern NJ

Thanks V, can't wait to check it out!

Looking for Outstanding Paella in Northern NJ

Valerie, I went to the link you placed for Segovia and it looks really great however didn't see the Paella on there. Perhaps I just missed it...

Frank Pepe's Disappointing

Try the Fairfield location, sounds like almost a different place from the New Haven original. Wait staff is friendly and generally helpful. The pepperoni + sausage pizza is excellent as is the Summer Special pie which is a tomato / garlic affair akin to a bruschetta pizza. It's unique and really tasty.

Best bagels in Tristate area?

Re: Stew's Bagels
Yup, today I went back to Stew's in Norwalk and the bagels were awful. I've been there a few times in the past month and they were really GREAT so they've apparently got more then 1 recipe being used (or a team not sticking to the plan) and they're not to be counted on. Doughy uncooked tasteless globs. Topping quantity was also way down. Almost unpalatable.