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Easy and Delicious Spanakopita Recipe

Hi -

This is Niki Rothman and here are a couple of improvements to my friend Estelle's spanakopita recipe I'd like to share. Actually, she told me her family called it spinach pie.

1) I discovered that it is now even easier to do if you skip the brushing melted butter on each sheet of dough. Instead, spray each sheet with olive oil aerosol (Trader Joe's). Doing it this way makes it so easy and quick and I cannot tell any difference in the taste. you can now do spanakopita on impulse as long as you keep some frozen phyllo and spinach in you freezer - we always have ricotta and some melty cheeses in the fridge.

2) Kashkaval cheese from Turkey is sold on for about $7.00 per pound. Very good quality - very good reviews - not expensive. Like mozzarella but smoother and creamier. I don't understand why it's not sold everywhere with all the rubbery mozzarella we have to put up with...

Before I sign off - I just want to put in a plug for people - single or families cooking real, local food and sitting down and eating a good meal every day that you can. Try to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at least once every week and a half. Once a week is better, but I understand your realities. A lot of meat and fish can be bought on sale and frozen. Bread and cheese freeze fine. Make a big pot of mixed vegetable or chicken soup and freeze it in amounts you can eat in a few days. I find ziplock plastic bags are best for storing food. last thing and then I'm going to make Estelle's spinach pie for dinner...and it's already 4:30.

GET your family's old recipes from your older relatives while you still can! This may be the most precious thing you can save and pass down the generations. Copy them and send to your relatives. This heritage is so important yet so easily lost forever.

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Is It Really Crab Season? O.K. Where Do you Get Them?

I felt like a sucker paying $40 for a cracked crab at Dungeness Island in the Richmond (SF) district.
So I called Nick's in Far Rockaway and they're $35. Where's the justice?

If you know about any bargain (or should I say sane) prices for crabby treats, I'd love to hear about them.