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Bread Knife for Crusty Breads

< wavy-type blades are up to this kind of bread>

I think I have what you are talking about. Some people call it reverse serrated. Some people call it scalloped edge (but this get confused with the indented knives). Anyway, these wavey typed blades do work. They are less aggressive and more gentle.

I would suggest you look for a bread knife with the proper length, and I will add that a bread knife with a small curvature along the entire length is desirable -- like the one posted by tim irvine and EatFoodGetMoney. A small curvature allows knuckle clearance at the end of the cut. Alternatively, an offset bread knife will do as well.

Trip Report: Dining unexpectedly on a dime

I think getting something from Connecticut is nice because (a) you are from Connecticut, so it has a bit more of a "it is something from me and from my place", and (b) like you said, it is something she is less likely to get.

I mean. If you have a Japanese guest who wishes to give you something, isn't slightly nice if this person get you a gift from Japan than a gift from US?

Either way is nice though.

Trip Report: Dining unexpectedly on a dime

:) Just teasing you. Well, if you ever come back to Philly. The Sang Kee store in Chinatown is a bit better in term of decoration and atmosphere, and I think they have air conditioning too.

Signs of a NOT Authentic Chinese Restaurant

< you ca too if you are bold enough to ask>

Did you regret asking?

Either the dessert soup like you said (red bean or mung bean sweetened soup), or they give you like fruits (99% orange):

From a TED NPR radio show:

"RAZ: Writer Jennifer 8. Lee. She tells her story in the "Fortune Cookie Chronicles." Her talk is one of the funniest things you will ever see at So what do you get with your check at a restaurant in China?

LEE: Fruit.

RAZ: Oh.

LEE: Actually here in the United States, if you're Chinese they'll often give you fruit.

RAZ: Wait. So when you go to a Chinese restaurant, there's kind of a wink and somebody will give you fruit? But, like, if I go, they won't even do that. They'll just give me fortune cookies?"

Is it OK when David Rocco pronounces Italian words correctly but not when Giada does it?

<Paula Deen started out a nice genteel southern mom then turned into a cartoon>

Rated R cartoon?

Trip Report: Dining unexpectedly on a dime

Yep. Ting Wong is not definitely not a great looking place. Ting Wong probably is worse looking than M Kee and Sang Kee. That being said, the old Dim Sum Garden or the current Tai Jiang (aka Chinese restaurant) looks 10X worse, won't you say?

Trip Report: Dining unexpectedly on a dime

I think I know which one you are talking about. Ting Wong. It has no AC.

Man, you are picky. :


It is repeatedly voted as one of the best restaurants in Philly:

Sep 16, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Philadelphia

Trip Report: Dining unexpectedly on a dime

<I think the name begins with a T>

T? There is one called Tai Lake, but it is a late night restaurant which only opens from 5PM to 2 AM in the morning. It doesn't sound like the kind of restaurant you were describing.

<I was happy to stick with Sang Kee at Reading Terminal>

There is a Sang Kee in Chinatown.

<That DiNic's Roast Pork sandwich is good, I had a bite.>

Glad you like it.

<I really liked Hop Sing>


Sep 16, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Philadelphia

food safety & murdering pathogens

<Put more simply: can something "bad" be made safe, if not palatable, by hitting the magic 160F internal mark?>

First of all, you can kill many bacteria by temperature, but you cannot kill the toxins produced by them. So you can still get sick even if you remove/kill the bacteria.

Second 160F is definitely not the temperature for killing bacteria. It is way too low. It is only 71oC.

In short: No, you cannot make bad food safe by hitting 160F.

food safety & murdering pathogens

First of all, is there any sign of rotting? If there is any signal of color change or smell or anything, then I personally would throw it away.

However, like you said, this is smoked and this is vacuum sealed, so it is not the same as a fresh piece of meat. To give you an example, I have no problem storing a vacuum sealed smoke meat in the refrigerator for over a year. I certainly won't do that for a fresh piece of meat. I don't know how long Montreal smoked meat can last on its own, but I know some *dried* smoked meat can last at room temperature for years without vacuum sealed or refrigerated.

Ok, this is what I personally would have done.
1) Make sure the meat look and smell fine.
2) Cook and prepare, but only eat a very portion for the first time.

<IGNORING THE FACT THAT THE TASTE WOULD LIKELY BE AFFECTED BY THE ROT, my question is this: would it be safe to eat? What about a literally rotting piece of meat? Cut off the bad bits (or not), bring it up to 160F internal and ignore the disgusting taste- safe to eat or not?>

If it is rotting, then it won't taste good anyway. Short of being "trapped in an island and starving", I won't take that chance.

Trip Report: Dining unexpectedly on a dime

Thanks for the great report.

<I got mugged. The perp cut a hole in my coat while I was in line at Federal Donuts....>

Ouch, this would totally throw off my day(s). Ouch again.

<The hotel's concierge, Maureen, heard my plight and told me she was crediting my account $50 out of her own pocket so my husband and I could have dinner and drinks on her at the hotel>

Very kind of her. Did you pay her back later? :)

<and I soon discovered that the Reading Terminal next door is your friend when you are on a tight budget>

Reading Market is actually pretty expensive for me. :) The local Chinatown is much cheaper for eating.

<My husband enjoyed a roast pork and provolone sub at DiNic's >

Ah, the so-called best sandwich in the US?

<Hop Sing Laundromat, The doorman takes Ids and closes the door before letting you in to make sure you aren't a criminal.....>

You didn't say if you like Hop Sing. It is one of those "you either love it or hate it" places.

Sep 16, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Philadelphia

Scandinavian Minimalist Cookware

Sep 15, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Cookware

Henckel's Twin Star knives question

"The Eversharp Pro knives feature a micro-serrated edge that never needs sharpening"

"Everedge Plus knives feature a micro-serrated edge that never needs sharpening"

They never need sharpening because..... they cannot be sharpened in the normal sense.

Sep 15, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Cookware

Help me build a great cookware set!

It has to do with the very competitive landscape of the triply cookware. In 1970s, when All Clad first started selling fully triply cookware, it was the newest and baddest cookware technology. No other company was able to do it -- to combine the benefit of aluminum (heat conduction) and stainless steel (strength and inertness) into one cookware.

As time went on, more and more companies can make triply cookware. In fact, I don't even know any major brand cannot do it now. Everyone can. Therefore, d5 is a way to distinguish themselves from most competitors.

The d5 does offer some real advantages, but a lot of these advantages have nothing to do with being d5. For example, d5 cookware have rolled lip for easy pouring. d5 cookware have brush finished surface instead of polished surface....etc.

Sep 15, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Cookware

What is the best cookware for someone who's very lazy: cast iron, traditional non-stick, or ceramic non-stick?

<What is the best cookware for someone who's very lazy: cast iron, traditional non-stick, or ceramic non-stick?>


Signs of a NOT Authentic Chinese Restaurant

Yes, both Vancouver and Toronto have some amazing Chinese (Cantonese) foods. I think only California SF can rival Vancouver and Toronto.

I have the pleasure to eat some Dim Sum in Lai Wah Heen. They were good. The other one I really like is Crown Princess in Toronto. Casa Imperial in Toronto was also good too.

Signs of a NOT Authentic Chinese Restaurant

Sometime they don't hand out fortune cookies to Chinese customers -- even if they have them.

What should I look for when choosing a cast iron skillet?

<The prices for high-quality cast iron skillets>

Are you talking about cast iron or enameled cast iron? Reputable cast iron cookware are fairly inexpensive.

Lodge is well known and a Lodge cast iron skillet is about $25-35.

Sep 15, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Cookware

Signs of a NOT Authentic Chinese Restaurant

<If there is no secret menu, then it isn't authentic>

Ha ha ha ha.

Well, alternatively, if they are one of those scary places only Chinese people visit, then it is fine.

Is clad overkill for stockpot or sauce pan?

Thanks. You are correct, which is why I think it is important to know what kind of full clad compared to what kind of disc bottom. There are plenty disc bottom cookware which can perform better than fully cladded, and vice versa.

Sep 15, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Cookware

Is clad overkill for stockpot or sauce pan?

<For me it's absolutely essential for straight sided sauce pans to prevent scorching on the sidewalls,

True. This is a problem when the flame is extending to side or the edge of the pot. As long as the flame is below the pot, then it shouldn't be a problem.

Some disc bottom cookware has a thick base that it actually will take the flame quite a bit to get to the side:

Sep 15, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Cookware

Is it OK when David Rocco pronounces Italian words correctly but not when Giada does it?

:D Giada may be cruel too. I don't know her.

I am just saying that many of us (me included) can be cruel without realizing. It is really a "damn if you do, damn if you don't" situation for many immigrant kids.

When she was a kid, Giada spoke too much Italian and not very good English, and school children made fun of her English. Now, her English is perfect, but Italian is not. Adult viewers made fun of her Italian skill.

mayo commercial

I think that was a parody. Still, it did send "something" along the back of my spine.

<I like the original Best Foods theme -- it is chipper and upbeat>

Do you have a link for it? Thanks.

It followed me home

I bought mine from a supermarket too, but they were in a glass case, so the clerk showed them to me one by one. I mostly check the wood handle, and this one has the best handle. I guess I didn't expect the edge would take so much elbow grease.

Anyway, that is funny: <My wife has her own set of favorite knives. I call hers too cute and shinny, she calls mine too big, to heavy, and take too much space.>

Sep 15, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Cookware

mayo commercial

<In the Bay Area of CA where he is from they sing the jingle "bring out the Best Foods and bring out the best" while I grew up in NJ singing "bring out the Hellman's and bring out the best.">

I was from Bay Area. I grew up there. Interestingly, I now live in NJ. I don't remember ever there was a song like that.

Then, I did what I regret. I googled and found this song. I am going to have nightmare tonight.

Pureeing the Myth of Sriracha Sauce

:) It cannot be. Can it? Most Chinese restaurants still make their own chili sauce. You know. They look like these:

Whereas, I don't remember ever seeing any American diner make their own ketchup.

Signs of a NOT Authentic Chinese Restaurant

Do you like mayo? Because if you do, then you will like it. I like walnut shrimps. :D

I think you will like it.

Is clad overkill for stockpot or sauce pan?

A good disc bottom cookware usually has a thicker cladding than a full cladded cookware. In fact, some of the highly regarded saucepans and stockpots are made with a disc bottom design, like the Demyere Atlantis:

For what you want to do, either design will work fine. It is more important to know exact what kind of full cladded and what kind of disc bottom you are looking at. Are you looking at the Vollrath Tribute (full cladded to the side) and Vollrath Centurion (disc bottom cladding)? Centurion line slightly more expensive.

Sep 14, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Cookware

Our de buyer Carbon Steel Cookware Experience

They really refer to the same style of pan. I am assuming you are getting these names from Amazon. In that case, country pan refers to Mineral and country cheff refers to Mineral B. On paper, Mineral country pan is slightly deeper, but that is easily within margin of uncertainty.

Sep 14, 2014
Chemicalkinetics in Cookware

Any Natto Experts Out There? I Have Questions.

I just buy the simple minimal natto. Just natto with mustand. I don't usually buy the ones with special sauce which can easily cost twice as much.