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Beer/Food rec?

Thanks for the recs and the ones to avoid! It looks like it's down to Spints and Davis Street - both look great. Davis is very close to work, so I just might do a recon HH mission this afternoon after work before our "meeting" on Wed.

Kazy, I agree about the great beer and great food places and the lack of both together. It's a shame in this town.

Feb 22, 2010
PortlandFoodie in Metro Portland

Beer/Food rec?

Our monthly "Thr3e Friends club" needs some suggestions for a great new (to us) spot for beer and good food, not just pizza. Been to Saraveza, Bridgetown, Deschutes, Gustavs, Belmont station, Horse Brass, Racoon Lodge and a few others I can't remember (Hmmm).

Thinking about maybe Henry's, Rogue, Veritable Quandry, Eastburn or Produce Row. Other suggestions/comments are welcome!

Glad to see PDX rightfully got its own board!

Feb 18, 2010
PortlandFoodie in Metro Portland