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looking for specific food items in nola

thanks for all of your recs, everyone!
what is the price point for Herbsaint? There aren't any prices on the website.
thanks so much...we leave for nola tomorrow and it looks like we'll eat very well :)

701 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

Nov 16, 2009
albertine in New Orleans

looking for specific food items in nola

im taking my boyfriend to nola for three days to celebrate his 30th birthday. he is a vegetarian (ovo-lacto) and hes allergic to mushrooms.
he likes cheesy, bready things, potatoes in all forms, and fried eggplant. im looking for some casual day places to take him, as well as a nicer place for his actual bday. we're not looking for "best restaurant" destinations, necessarily, b/c we're from nyc and now live in san francisco, so we have many world-renowned restaurants at our fingertips (and we're doing a pre-bday celebration with his parents at daniel bouluds place in vegas). what im really looking for are places that are going to do new orleans cooking really, really well, or provide a southern twist on classic comfort foods. and also be at least mildly veggie friendly. unfortunately, we wont be there for brunch, but would LOVE breakfast suggestions.

some specific requests below (including a couple non-veggie ones for me)...thank you so much!
buttermilk biscuits
fried eggplant
beignets (besides cafe du monde...we're going here)
mac n cheese
bread pudding
hash browns
shrimp n grits
poached or fried eggs w/ new orleans flavors
sugar cured bacon
pork belly

thank you!

Nov 06, 2009
albertine in New Orleans

what to order at wd-50

im looking for advice on their summer menu. last time i went i got appetizer, entree and dessert and was uncomfortably full...i find the food too rich to have more than a few bites [granted i got the pork belly as my entree]. this time around im thinking about have two appetizers and a dessert (creamsicle? choc. w/ avocado? apricot tart?). can anyone give me recommendations on appetizers or desserts (or a main course i absolutely shouldnt miss out on). thanks!

Jul 23, 2007
albertine in Manhattan

bay area recs for a nyc foodie?

wow thanks everyone! i never expected to get the in-depth kind of replies youve provided....all this information is going to be wonderfully useful.
the lack of molecular gastronomy will really get me down, but perhaps ill fill the void with a newfound love of vietnamese?

daveena - to answer your questions, im NOT sure i dont like chinese/vietnamese/thai...i probably just havent had any good stuff in any of these categories. guide me...please! and im definitely into all sorts of mexican (and i do love a good mission burrito), i just figured that good mexican would be everywhere, but "nouveau" mexican would be harder to find, so i would have to do more searching to seek it out.
thanks again, everyone, for the fantastic recommendations.

and...just a stab in the dark...but are there really no places at all that have even semi-decent bagels? i can feel my heart breaking...

bay area recs for a nyc foodie?

im moving to palo alto from nyc and would love some good food recommendations. i will have a car, so getting to san fran and other surrounding areas isnt a problem, tho i wont be able to do it too often as ill be an overworked, stressed out grad student. im looking for excellent restaurants in the following categories:

*good southern brunch in a brunch-like setting (preferably with amazing buttermilk biscuits) [similar to clinton st. baking co. in nyc]
*molecular gastronomy [similar to wd-50 and degustation in nyc]
*farmers market new american [similar to blue hill + union sq. cafe in nyc]
*great spanish [similar to tia pol + boqueria in nyc]
*neopolitan style pizza [similar to una pizza napoletana in nyc]
*great ethiopian/eritrean [lacking in nyc]
*fantastic greek [havent found it in nyc]
*pork buns [similar to momofuku in nyc]
*great sushi thats not astronomically expensive
*"nouveau" mexican [similar to mercadito or la palapa in nyc]

*any other recs for chefs who are doing creative, inventive things with food
im not really into chinese or vietnamese and am only rarely in the mood for thai...unfortunate since i know the bay area is known for its excellent asian food.

thanks all for anything you can do to make my food transition any lamenting my taking leave of new york with every bite i take.

the modern (dining room)

hi ya'll
ill be dining at the modern for the first time this week, and was wondering what everyones favorite dishes are (off the summer menu)? ive heard the chorizo crusted cod is excellent, but i was wondering about some other dishes...particularly other fish/seafood dishes?

Jul 10, 2007
albertine in Manhattan