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Chinese Traditional buns

I love the food and the people here.

Definitely try the jellied bean curd. The cured pork sandwich is really good but also try the beef and cumin sandwich.
The mutton shashlick can be sublime, but lately It's been only "OK". Very greasy chunks of lamb with cumin and other spices, very worthy of trying.
Get some soup filled dumplings and proceed with caution.
My favorite dumplings here are filled with egg and zucchini.
Under the "dry noodles" section, get the dan-dan noodles. Ask for them with the home-made noodles.
Definitely get the pickled cucumber.


Oct 28, 2009
KJeats in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Pearl Harbour Front - DInner?

I have never been for dinner, but I like the weekend dim sum. I would put the food on par with Rol San and most other downtown joints. The green beans with black beans are particularly great. The room is nice,they have a great view over the lake, service is pleasant. And they take reservations (very big plus for big groups looking to avoid long waits during weekend dim sum rush hour).

But it is on the expensive side for dim sum.

Oct 06, 2009
KJeats in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Long Post: my parent's 2 week whirlwind tour of TO's Chinese resto (from Yau Kee to Lai Wah Heen)

I don't make it to many of the above restaurants so I have only 2 comments:

1. The roast pig from the Peak Top is indeed delicious.

2. I like dim sum, but am more often than not relegated to one of many lesser downtown establishments. I have been to LWH several times and although the dim sum and tea are fantastic, the service is terrible. I don't just mean forgetful or slow. I have found the service staff there to be surely, evasive and disrespectful on almost every visit. It's not cheap either, so I won't be returning. We refer to it as dumpling-heaven-lost.

Oct 06, 2009
KJeats in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The best AUTHENTIC Italian in Toronto?

Googs, I have noticed your posts about Zucca. You seem completely confused about what kind of food it is. Is it Northern? Southern? Authentic?

Italian food should always be based on fresh local produce. Wether in Rome, Sicily, Alba or Toronto. That should be part of what makes it Authentic. New world Italian is lasagna and caesar salad and "Fusilli Salmone". Andrew M-A's menu is as authentic Italian as it gets.

And I have been on a Sunday and it was excellent. And it was packed with happy eaters. Why shouldn't I return on a Sunday?

Sep 21, 2009
KJeats in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Urgent help! Three choices-help me choose

I haven't been to eight WB, so I can't comment on that.

Harbord Room is a very good restaurant, but only has about 25 seats and so reservations are very difficult to come by. I would definitely choose there if I had the option.

Sidecar was ok for a relatively cheap night out. We went for the prix-fixe special. Cocktails were very good. Apps were weak (ceasar salad and a soup).My wife had the P/F steak and frites and was very happy with it (again great for the price). My main course was not very memorable. Wife liked her dessert but I didn't care for mine. Service was actually very good. We left feeling that we got good value, but we have not been back.

Sep 21, 2009
KJeats in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The best AUTHENTIC Italian in Toronto?

I can't believe this is still a subject of debate. Yes this is my first posting, but I am a longtime lurker and feel very strongly about this.

Zucca Trattoria is hands down the best Authentic Italian Restaurant in Toronto. I admit to being a regular customer there, and I probably have a biased opinion, but I also eat at a lot of other restaurants and Zucca is consistently my favorite meal of the month.

I first went to Zucca on the reccomendation of Massimo Capra from Mistura who told me several years ago that Andrew Milne-Allan was his favorite Italian chef in Toronto. His approach to Italian cuisine based on regional recipes using local and seasonal produce is very simple and sincere. I often find there are too many things I want to order. I LOVE the pasta there and I LOVE all the fresh seafood there.

If you want fancy Italian go to Mistura of Via Allegro. If you want great AUTHENTIC Italian food with warm, friendly, professional service - go to Zucca.

Sep 18, 2009
KJeats in Ontario (inc. Toronto)