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11e gems for a foodie student

An under-the-radar restaurant I have always really enjoyed is Le Pas Sage ( the creative menu changes weekly and the plats mostly fall in the 19 - 26 EUR price range. Plus the location in the Passage du Grand Cerf is pretty cool and you right around the corner from some great bars if you want to continue the celebration (may I suggest La Trinquette).

Mar 26, 2015
sch89 in France

11e gems for a foodie student

Hi, as a former impoverished au pair and soon-to-be-broke-again grad student, I am a big fan of these types of threads. Not far from Charonne there is Chez Aline at 85 Rue de la Roquette which churns out very tasty sandwiches. The Marche Bastille is one of my favorites here in Paris, find the Creperie stand from Bretagne, you will not regret it!

I am quite partial to Strasbourg, I have traveled there many times. Train tickets can be pricey but once in a while SNCF releases really great deals (look now since there is a summer travel sale and then again when it is Christmas Market season). It is a huge student city so cheap food options abound and I really love the Alsatian cuisine and wine. Also, if you have not already done so, look into investing in a SNCF Carte Jeune if you are under 28 and plan on taking the train more than 2 or 3 times a year, it is worth it!

Mar 24, 2015
sch89 in France

Need to find a restaurant for 10-12 people near the 3rd

I had an absolutely fantastic experience at Terroir Parisien (5th) when I had to book for a large group (around 14 people I think). The staff was extremely professional, the food was very good and the design of the restaurant works well in accommodating a group of that size. Bon courage!

Mar 16, 2015
sch89 in France

Le Dauphin

Price-wise, it is not bad. A dining companion and I had 5-6 plates and 4 glasses of wine for about 80 EUR. I was not alive for most of the 80s so I cannot say for sure, however I think the decor is reminiscent of what a nightclub from this era would look like. Not that this is a negative, just...different. As for the food, I agree with what has been said before, when Aizpitarte is on, a dish is a homeroom, when he is off, well it can be a pretty big strikeout (I am looking at you bouillabaisse granita!).

Feb 22, 2014
sch89 in France

The dreaded group dinner question (Paris)

Since the big dinner took place last Saturday night, I thought that I would give a quick update on how the whole experience went. I emailed and called a number of restaurants asking if they could accommodate a group of 12-14 people. Of the restaurants I contacted (a main criteria was that the restaurant had to be in or near the 6th), the ones who responded positively included:

-Le Terroir Parisien (both Maubert Mutualité and Bourse)
- Le Vin Qui Danse
- Aux Verres de Contact
-Les climats

Ideally I would have liked to find an interesting prix fixe, however restaurants either had set, no-choice menus (KGB, TP Bourse, Les Climats) or prix fixe menus that looked uninspired (Aux verres de Contact and le Vin Qui Danse). Although TP MM can provide a prix fixe menu, they also allow large groups to choose off the normal menu, so I decided to take the plunge and go a la carte there.

I had been to Le Terroir Parisien before and enjoyed it, even if it didn't knock my socks off. I must say that Saturday night’s experience was much different. I really need to give an immense amount of credit to the staff who were wonderful. Even when an extra 15th guest decided to show up, they did not bat an eyelash and provided a new place at the table. Although there was some initial uncertainty when they learned that 15 people were going to be ordering a la carte, the dinner ended up being nothing but smooth sailing. Service was fast and efficient and no wine glass stayed empty for too long. Kudos to the TP staff.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the food, it seemed that everything (at least on my side of the table) was a hit. For entrees the Onion Soup, Celery risotto and bone marrow were three different but equally excellent starters to the meal. For plats, the scallops with a puree maison, “Christmas” boudin blanc, duck pot au feu and steak in a pepper sauce all received rave reviews. To finish, most ordered the Brioche Nanterre ( a delicious pain perdu which will spoil French toast for you forever) and creamy chocolate tarts. The wine was excellent as well with a nice Sancerre for the white and a pinot noir from Bourgogne for the red.

As for the large party annoyance factor, the room is very spacious and so we were well distanced away from other tables. I never got the impression that other diners were bothered and the noise levels were never too high (I actually took a brief tour around the restaurant to check these factors).

To make things easier, we split the check 15 ways and given the amount of food, wine, sparkling water and coffees ordered, it came out to an outrageously reasonable 63€ per person (although after a very generous tip it ended up being a little more).

Between the professional staff and the delicious food, I can recommend Le Terroir Parisien Maubert Mutualité as an excellent choice for any large (or small for that matter) group dinner.

Jan 27, 2014
sch89 in France

The dreaded group dinner question (Paris)

Fortunately the organizer on the the other side has let me know that a prix fixe menu (as long as there is some choice so not set) at max 65 EUR a head before wine is fine. This is great since we can now avoid the nightmare that is 15 people ordering a la carte. I know places like Bastide Odeon, Maceo and Alcazar do have private rooms, any opinions on the food at these places?

I will look into Spring although I fear with this dinner a mere week and a half away, securing reservations may be impossible. I have eaten at and really enjoyed Mini Palais so I will put that on the list.

I also had a very positive experience at Les Saisons, although that is a little less central than I would like it to be. There will be a bunch of industry events going on in and around St Germain des Pres during the evening so I think people want to stick around the area in order to attend cocktails and such before and after the dinner.

I appreciate all the advice speedy replies! I have been stressing about organizing this thing for the last couple of days so everyone has been a huge help!

Jan 15, 2014
sch89 in France

The dreaded group dinner question (Paris)

Isolate ourselves? But we are all such well-behaved adults...Just kidding, throw enough wine into the mix and no one is truly "well-behaved." I understand if fellow diners do not want to bask in our loud American glory so point taken.

Jan 15, 2014
sch89 in France

The dreaded group dinner question (Paris)

As an ex-pat resident of Paris, I have been charged with the task of finding a suitable place for dinner for a group of 10-15 visitors (final count still uncertain) for a Saturday night. On top of this I have the impression that people are expecting a restaurant which is trendy yet somewhat below the radar (ie.where a Parisian would go not just tourists and since this is a group in the design industry, a little “buzz” is always appreciated). For my own snooty sake, I also would like to go somewhere with legitimately very good food and wine. Finally, the restaurant should be centrally located (1eme-7eme). I have a number of ideas based on my own dining experiences as well as online reviews and this board, although I could use some help determining what could be a good fit.

My number one choice would be Pirouette. I fell in love with the resto when I dined there this past summer and I think it has the perfect combination of ambiance and delicious cooking. I sat on the bottom floor of the restaurant, which I think would be too small, but was unsure if the top floor may contain room for a large group. Any idea?

Some other choices which I would love to go but fear are too small. Please confirm or deny my size qualms:

-Les Enfants Rouges
-Terroir Parisien (either location. I have eaten at the one in the 5th, but do not particularly remember it as being large)
-Bistro Volnay

Restaurants I am pretty sure are large enough but I am personally unsure of quality/price. These are the restaurants I often hear are “great for groups” and so I fear food quality may be secondary (if not tertiary…). I am shooting for 60-80 EUR per person including wine as well as the option to order a la carte, so please no “menu only” spots.

-Le 122
- KGB ( I am well-aware of this resto’s accolades just unsure of average prices)
-La Bastide Odeon

Ok, thank you for bearing through this long post and any advice or opinions would be MUCH appreciated. Merci d’avance y’all!

Jan 15, 2014
sch89 in France

The Great Food Ambassador Challenge

The Mission

In late December, my french boyfriend is coming to visit America ( for the very first time!) and we will be staying in Boston for about three days. He is an excellent host when I visit France, helping me to discover the diversity and deliciousness of french cuisine. I would like to return the favor and make sure he gets a proper taste of what American and New England cuisine is and enjoy the Boston restaurant scene.

Background info:

I currently live in Boston so I know the area very well. I naturally have my own list of restaurants, but I would greatly appreciate some outside opinions on what you think he should experience. We have a blank-slate to work with (McDonalds IS the premier American cuisine to him) so he really does not know much about the food here.

Some conditions

He is French. Which means:
a) The taste and pleasure of food is of upmost importance (aka food snob)
b) There better be wine (for dinner at least)
c) Absolutely no french restaurant suggestions. I don't care if the foie gras or the steak tartar is simply transcendent at L'Espalier. It's better in France, trust me.
d) We are students aka Poverty! We are willing to splurge on one meal, but please generally give places with entrees in the $20 range (if not less for dinner) and maybe some fun cheap eats suggestions for lunch
e) fortunately he is very open and will try anything

So, it is now up to you to help strengthen the cultural ties between France and America. Please aid me in teaching our tres cultivated friend from across that Ocean that America, and especially Boston, has some pretty incredible cuisine to offer.

774 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02199

Dec 08, 2010
sch89 in Greater Boston Area

Scandinavian Food

If someone knows of a place which sells Nøkkelost cheese I would be eternally grateful. Last I heard it is not entirely legal to import this cheese but occasionally you may come across he "right" stores which has a secret stash.

Sep 12, 2010
sch89 in Greater Boston Area

The return of Nud Pob

Reread the original post. "poor", "hungry" and "student" are all key words. All I want is good, greasy CHEAP and FAST thai food. Brown Sugar is a little classier than my needs require.

Brown Sugar Cafe
1033 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

Mar 28, 2010
sch89 in Greater Boston Area

2010 Winter RW Report

Went to Toro for dinner last night and it literally knocked my socks off.

My DC and I enjoyed the eggplant w/pepper dish, mussels w/ chorizo, empanadas, corn (all the hype is true, it is better than you can ever imagine) and the ham. The churros at the end were a nice finish.

The only disappointment was my tune tartare app. The Tuna was fine but it had an annoying amount of coconut, citrus foam which overpowered the dish. Fortunately, though, dinner made more than up for it! I highly recommend.

1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

Mar 26, 2010
sch89 in Greater Boston Area

The return of Nud Pob

This very exciting, especially since that is also my birthday! Excellent present.

Mar 26, 2010
sch89 in Greater Boston Area

2010 Winter RW Report

Went to Sibling Rivalry last night with 3 friends. We were seated right away and service was fine. Nothing to write home about, but can't complain either. Chef Bob and Chef David also to pains to stop by every table and ask how they enjoyed the meal, so that was a very nice touch.

Now, onto the food
Appetizers: The were all nice portioned and excellent, probabl collectively the best of the 3 courses
Shrimp scampi style over cream polenta. This was simply amazing. 5 large shrimp over creamy, cheesy polenta. Probably my favorite part of the meal. I ordered this and was glad of it!
Lamb bric- tender lamb incrusted in pastry shell and with some type of delicious sauce. This was pretty hefty and everyone who tried it enjoyed it.
Steak tar tar- I thought it was good but my friend who is a connoisseur in tar tars thought it was really excellent.
Garlic Flan- Very interesting tasting but pretty good. It is a smaller portion, but this is actually a good thing because it is very rich.

Entrees: Once again, all decently sized
Jumbo sea scallops w/black beans and stuffed pepppers- I liked this a lot. The scallops were cooked perfectly and the pepper sauce they were in was very tasty. It is pretty spicey though.
Pork- I don't remember too much details about it, but my friend enjoyed it and it came with mashed potatoes, which were fine, but nothing special
Salmon with/ warm potato salad, hard boiled egg, greens- This one was presented beautifully and according to the diner that had it very good as well.
Sirloin- Nothing particularly special, but a very generous cut of meat and pretty good.

Dessert: This is where the kitchen stumbled the most
Profiterole- It had a light chocolate mousse and was drizzeled in butterscotch. The mouse was delicious, but I was not impressed by the pastry shell.
Lemon pound cake with blueberry compote- This looked awesome, but was disappointingly bland. Did not taste like lemon
Carrot cake- The sweet cream cheese on top was awesome but the rest unmemorable
Berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream- This was definitely the best, by far. The ice cream was refreshing while the cobbler was sweet and delicious. Definitely go with the cobler.

Overall it was a very good meal. Loved all the appetizers and they were substantially sized as well. Dinner was pretty good as well and dessert was really the only let down. Overall though, I recommend Sibling Rivalry, fun atmosphere and pretty strong menu. Plus the bread basket is delicious. Corn bread and Irish Soda Bread? What more can a girl ask for?

Sibling Rivalry
525 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02116

Mar 19, 2010
sch89 in Greater Boston Area

It's a Sausage-fest!

It's a smoked pork Texas sausage

Mar 09, 2010
sch89 in Home Cooking

It's a Sausage-fest!

So I have about 10 lbs of sausage sitting in my garage (don't ask why...) and I am not sure what to do with it. Anyone have a favorite sausage recipe they want to share? Dinner/ Main course recipes would be especially appreciated.


Mar 08, 2010
sch89 in Home Cooking

Is Trenton a capital disappointment ?

I was assigned the seemingly impossible task of finding a restaurant located in Trenton (not outside but literally within the city limits) for a birthday dinner and was told it should not be Italian and not a typical grill or pub-type place. It doesn't have to be fancy but it should be sit-down with decent service. All I have come up with is Malaga so far. Is there ANYWHERE else that might fit the criteria, or have I more-or-less been sent on a wild goose chase?


Mar 04, 2010
sch89 in New Jersey

G'vanni in North End any good? it's 50% off!!

I actually had a wonderful experience there over the summer. A friend and I enjoyed dinner however we did not do the two-for-one deal. She got the butternut squash ravioli with marscapone cream sauce and we were literally licking the bottom of the plate. I got the scallops over spinach and they were truly excellent. Also, the bread the serve is warm and some of the best I have had in N. End. The only con is it is a very small space. Give it a try!

Feb 27, 2010
sch89 in Greater Boston Area

Restaraunt Week Spring 2010 Menus

I have noticed that some, but not all of the menus are up for Restaurant week this March. Does anyone know when the rest may be posted or where I may be able to find some of the missing ones, specifically for Barbara Lynch restaurants or Locke and Ober? Thanks!

Feb 09, 2010
sch89 in Greater Boston Area

Arepa Flour

Thank you, everyone, for the suggestions!

Oct 26, 2009
sch89 in Greater Boston Area

Arepa Flour

A friend from Venezuela has promised to make Arepas, but bemoans the fact she does not know where she can purchase the proper flour. If anyone knows where it can be found in Boston (please not outside, being college students we have limited transportation) I would really appreciate it. The sooner I can munch on a tasty homemade Arepa the better!


Oct 25, 2009
sch89 in Greater Boston Area

The return of Nud Pob

Nud Pob apparently has a new location on Comm Ave (Where a travel agency used to be) and there has been a sign in the window for the last 6 months or so claiming that it is "coming soon." Does anyone know when it will actually reopen? As a poor, hungry BU student, this of great interest to me!

Sep 17, 2009
sch89 in Greater Boston Area