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Affordable equipment to maintain constant temperatures?

Hi, I make yogurt with 1 gal. milk at a time. I heat the milk to 186 F, then let it cool to 96 F. Add the culture or yogurt from the last batch, 2 cups of dried milk(optional) & pour it into a large clay bowl I have. I put that in a water bath. I heat my oven to btw 100-110 F & turn it off. Stick the bowl in, covered with a towel & leave it overnight. You can put a heating pad under it all too. I like my yogurt really thick, so I do strain it. I use the whey in bread, in smoothies & for watering my plants. The website (New England Cheesemaking Supply Co.) has recipes & cultures. My favorite is their creamy culture.

Sep 13, 2013
celinafoodfiend in Cookware

Match Your Pan to What You're Braising

I like to use my Cazuela for braising chicken and/ or veggies.

Aug 17, 2012
celinafoodfiend in Features

Homemade Marshmallow Crème

This was fun to make and I like the flavor and consistency of it. I've used it on Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler and pancakes and have just been eating it straight. I bet it makes great S'mores!

May 29, 2012
celinafoodfiend in Recipes

Can I find Spiny Chayote in the DFW area?


Have any of you been able to find Spiny Chayote? In particular in the north DFW area, around Frisco/ McKinney, TX? We had some on a recent trip to Ajijic, Mexico. The flavor is somewhat nuttier and creamier than the smooth skinned variety and i'd love to find it up here. I haven't started looking in local hispanic markets yet.
Kathy Stanford
Celina, TX