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Catering by Carlton- When I worked for a banker- back when there were real bankers in Bmore, he always used Carlton- I remember he had the most amazing shrimp and he made phenomenal southside cocktails.

best crab cake baltimore

No one likes Timbuktu's crab cake? The dining room is a retro throwback, but it was a great cake!

Annapolis- Butcher's Block and Wild Caught Seafood

The coffee shop you mention is Leeward Market. They have great sandwiches and pizzas as well. Both Wild Caught Seafood and Leeward Market are in the Eastport section of Annapolis.
Wild Caught is basically on Back Creek, just off the bay. I have heard mixed reviews- that prices are better @ Mike's & Cantler's, but it is nice to have a place so close to downtown where you can get local crabs. They will steam the crabs, clams and mussels for you as well, I believe at no additional charge. If you want to eat them somewhere nearby I recc'd the Maritime Museum, which is very close by and has benches and picnic tables on their deck along Back Creek.

What are Balt most over-rated Restaurants?

I think Bicycle is another example of something changing over time- not always for the best. I lived in Otterbein in '01 and went there the weekend it opened and thought it was great, something different & fresh, ppl were excited to see it open and it was pretty popular from the start. The original owner/chef also had a stall in Cross Street market and made great soups & sandwiches for lunch- he sent me a postcard about the opening, came over to my table to thank me for coming to see the place, really made me feel special and in turn I talked the place up. After returning to the area in '07 after 6 yrs in NYC I was excited Bicycle was still in business and we went to dinner there. The charm was gone, it was much larger and "scenier" and had a new owner/chef and it just seemed to be all hype. It made me sad.

MangoBerry (Fro Yo) in Catonsville

Some tart fro-yo places offer an original/plain flavor that is unsweetened and has no added sugar, but the natural milk sugars are still present. I know this is the case with Yo Fiore in Annapolis.

I am still searching for a place that will match the taste/quality/value of the yogurt @ 40 Carrots inside Bloomingdale's in NYC. They have had the plain/tart yogurt on their menu for years, before the whole Pinkberry craze and it was ideal. Generous portions, real bowls, I miss it. Tart, but not icy.
As a former TCBY employee, too much iciness is due to the machines/mix. Like with ice cream the machines can be set to have more or less air in the mix, etc.

Are there any cheap Charm City copy cats?

There is a woman named Mary Elliott who bakes amazing and delicious cakes in her home. She did a Terps/Hopkins themed groom's cake for our rehearsal dinner, our wedding cake & a traditional carrot cake for our post-wedding brunch, we also got our daughter's baptism cake from her. She does both buttercream (American & European) and fondant, but she's just north of Towson...
I learned of her on Baltimore board- maybe check the DC knot board for a NoVa recc? There are great small local bakers out there who are super-talented and don't charge an arm & a leg.