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KOSHER rest in Toronto for Passover

Anyone know if there are going to be any kosher restaurants open during passover this year (tue-thru). it seems the COR council does not return phone calls (no surprise there) and i can not find any list using google (except in Montreal and NYC) but that is another story

Apr 18, 2008
galambo in Kosher

Passover Quinoa

ALL???? As long as there is no way that the flour is processed in a place where it can be contaminated by yeast, it can be used. The issue is not that it is homitiz, but that you need to know the place where it is processed. As i and everyone else can do that at hone, there is no issue

Apr 18, 2008
galambo in Home Cooking

Kosher Rest. open during passover (Tues.-Thur.)

For Toronto Rest. does nayone know of any kosher restaurants that are open during the tue-thur days of passover this year.

This is question specificaly concerning toronto and area. In montreal there are a couple of rest. that open special for this time. some of them in Shuls as well. But i have yet to see or find anything in toronto.

Now i know pickle barrel has a passover menu, BUT i am looking for something a little more authentic.

Passover Quinoa

here is a question.

as quinoa is kosher for passover. wondering if any one had a recipe for bread using the flour (without yeast, though baking soda/baking power is ok as even the orthodox use them in some cities (read NYC))

Apr 12, 2008
galambo in Home Cooking

Cosy Hungarian on Kingston Road?

been to rhapsody once and was not impressed.

trying to much to be an upscale rest with a little less then home style cooking

my choices are papreka on bathurst
country time on bloor?

Cosy Hungarian on Kingston Road?

well i am also hungarian and i find the food just lacking to say the least. it maybe to your liking, but would never pass as hungarian


not by my standard, unless you like vinigar

so far take is all star on 16th.... but i have taster better in other cities

Steak place on new years day?

my mother want to go on her birthday (jan 1) for a great steak.

Moiches is closed

any ideas thanks

fish /seafood rest in Toronto?

my 20th ann. and want to take my better half for a rest like la serine in Montreal.

Fhoice your fresh fish/seafood in the market and they will cook it the way you want it.

any like that in TO?


Hungarian Food Restaurants in T.O.

for me its number two on my list of Hungarian rest. number is Paprika But it is according to taste.

Hungarian Food Restaurants in T.O.

Was not impressed (i am hungarian) and found it was 'americanzied' and the services was not that great either.

Hungarian Food Restaurants in T.O.

nockalee (sp). and red cabbage, (but you can get cucumber salad etc if you want as well) all the traditional Hungarian sides in fact.

Hungarian Food Restaurants in T.O.

its ok but there are better ones and less pricey as well.

my fav is paprika on bathurst south of wilson. if you think that was big, then you hbave seen nothing yet <S>

there is the schitzel house on steels just west of yonge. not bad and they run a buffret on the weekened.

The Great Pizza Debate

thick dante's in thronhill

Thai in North York

poor service i agree with, bu the food was very good and authinque.

maybe you went on an off day?

Espresso Machine?

i it is to taste, and that is my opinion.

two your insults just because we don't agree only reflects on you.

SoupMan is back at Eaton Centre !

in this week flyer at dominion they say they carry the soupman frozen

All-Star Wings and Ribs not so starry

given that they have 99 flavours the questions begs which flavour was not to your liking?

and they are located on woodbine and 16th av

Best Bagels in Toronto

the begal house on avneue road (another on bayview) MAYBE

Espresso neophyte. Best pics and prices in GTA??

i have a nespresso machine. and it is supper great. with plenty of differnet coffee to choice from and the best machine in terms of crema.

not cheap though

Where to get sausages in GTA?

let me mix things up a little

and i know this isn't exactly the GTA BUT

is a organic farmer that does not put any nitrates etc in their suagese

just a thought

74 Sawmill Road
R.R. #2,
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
L9G 3L1

Any word on the Wolfgang Puck restaurants in Toronto?

i have tried both his rest. and his take out.

all i can say while MACDONALDS is better not by much.

whillter lettuce, days old tomatoes,

and that was the good part.

now he is hawking pans, maybe because his rest. is not doing that well.

Pucks over prices, and UNDER whelmed.

Good BBQ in T.O.?

must have been a special day.

i have now went there twice....

driest barbque i have ever tasted, opps wrong word. NO TASTE

i have been to KC/Memphsis (the city) etc and even phils. as much i as i think phils is JUST ok.

Memphis's is just BAD

Is Cobbs the best bakers in TO?

i second that. to bad they have not opened here

SoupMan is back at Eaton Centre !

and this has what to do with soupman?

Chinese Vegetarian sources?

2) Gourmet Veg rest. (west beaver creek) (they are not vegan but you can request no egg)
3) Sam's wok

Good BBQ in T.O.?

but neither is memphis

wings in north york


SoupMan is back at Eaton Centre !

i heard that the soupman soups are being sold frozen.


Hottest/Spiciest Dish in Toronto

one BIG difference.

duff's has not flavour, all star at least has some.