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Looking for something cheap and possibly ethnic for dinner on a sat. night.
must be casual and cool. I know this is pretty vauge, but any suggestions would be cool. thanks

Do you infuse whiskey or bourbon?

back in the day we'd add 3-4 hits of acid to a 26oz bottle of jack danials and pass it around all night! Good times, and didnt affect the suptle nuances of the J.D. !!

Feb 06, 2013
NorfolkGuy in Spirits

Best easy drinking Rye for an Old-Fashioned Cocktail?

Go with Wisers special blend! in ontario its 23.40 for a 26oz bottle. great stuff and what you're looking for! final answer!
cheers, and you're welcome

Feb 06, 2013
NorfolkGuy in Spirits

Take Out and/or Delivery in Niagara Falls....

I do realize that Niagara Falls is a tourist trap and generally overpriced, but would like any updated suggestions on where to get some decent take-out or delivery while in town. Any type of food suggestions would be apreciated. Thanks in advance!

What to do with Kohlrabi?

we've been getting them in our basket for a couple weeks, usually just been slicing them and eating them raw, kinda a different texture. was also told they are good sliced and put on the bbq?
just taking the farmers advice on this though..

May 31, 2012
NorfolkGuy in Home Cooking

Wass Ethiopian Resto in Hamilton?

been wanting to try this place for a while, just wondered if anybody had been there?
any other ideas that are different in hamilton would be appreciated aswell

Best old school speakeasy type bars in Toronto?

This is slightly off topic, but trying to remember the name of a vodka bar we went to. It was all Russian decor, and may have been near Starfish (ate there earlier). This kind of fuzzy by then but I remember Russian music with some Madonna-type dance stuff mixed in.....hmm

Flour For Making Pasta

I know i need "#1 fine", but is there anything else I need to know about which flour I actually need?
Does it even matter which flour I use?
I'm in southern ontario, canada (near hamilton), and a specific brand would very helpful.
Thanks in advance

Feb 19, 2012
NorfolkGuy in Home Cooking

Blue Mountain/ Collingwood Lunch, Dinner Options?

Will be spending a long weekend in January in the area and was hoping for some unique and local options. Anything where an adventurous andcompletely non-picky four year old would be happy, would be appreciated aswell. Also ,we will have a kitchenette, so any cool shops (cheese, bakery, etc.) would be great aswell.
Thanks in advance

Something Cool, Casual, and Different? (Quebec City)

Be in Quebec City for a conference and looking for a few places for dinner, maybe lunches aswell.
Pretty openminded as far a types of food as long as its great. Price is really no object, just want great food. Would prefer something thats not outside the city. Havn't been in town for a few years and would love to try something new and\or different. Any help would be appreciated, Just throw out some ideas and I'll check them out... Thanks in advance

Been out of the loop, what's new and exciting and not too far from the Royal York

I'll be in town for a conference, and am looking for something on a Wednesday night.
Am looking for something with a casual vibe but interesting food. Price is a non-issue.
It will be a small (5-10ppl) mixed work crowd (old/young/adventurous and not so much)
I realize this is a pretty non-specific request, but im just hoping to see whats new and exciting in town these days. Of course I'll be checking out the Toronto board for the next couple of weeks.
Any opinions and idea would be appreciated...

Beggar's Chicken [split from Ontario]

Curious.........what is it....please explain for me?

Jul 31, 2011
NorfolkGuy in Home Cooking

Roti and/or Jerk Chicken

"Little Bones" Tragically Hip

Hamilton Lunch?

Looking for a kid-friendly place for a quick lunch in the downtown area on Saturday, maybe somewhere close to Hamilton Place. Just about anything would work but was hoping for something a little different.

Haldimand part 2

Yep that's the one, great patio for some drinks in the summer
well keep in touch if you discover anything new

Haldimand part 2

Hey There,
Where is Floyd's? Work out there and was wondering? Breakfast?
The Beach House in Dover is pretty good too, with a great view

Help in Haldimand

Have to say it's pretty slim pickins around this area. Im from Port Dover/Turkey Point area and haven't found much to brag about either. If you havn't tried Belworth House in Waterford, it's amazing, but bit of a drive from your area. Have a reservation at Twisted Lemon for next week and have heard good things. i'll let ya know!. Sad because there is soo much amazing meats and produce from this area, especially in the summer. Good luck in your search. We mostly have to enjoy great food at home. cheers

Belworth House
90 St James S, Waterford, ON N0E1Y0, CA

Padma, the Sympathetic Survivor

she is amazing

Feb 21, 2011
NorfolkGuy in Features

Best Cheap Beer

In Ontario, I go with a quality Laker light. mmmmm $26.40 for 24

Jan 25, 2011
NorfolkGuy in Beer

CopaCabana in Niagara Falls??

Any thoughts?
Anyone been?
Just Wondering

Niagra Falls Question

Will be staying in The Falls at the end of the month and was wondering if there are any ethnic or different kind of places? Really anything besides pizza, italian, or steakhouse-type places. Any suggestions at all would be a great help. It will be a Saturday, if that is any help. Thanks in advance.

Need Some Ideas!!--"Hot Lime Pickle"

Recieved a jar of this product from a friend who was visiting England, and I don't know how to use it.
It's made by a company cal Butterworth and sons. Not too sure if it's a condiment or a cooking sauce?
I'll keep investigating, just want to be sure to get the most enjoyment from it lol'
Any help would be great


Dec 09, 2010
NorfolkGuy in Home Cooking

Interesting Sunday lunch around Westin Harbour Castle

Doesn't have to fe fancy, but something a little different would be great.
Any suggestions would help.
Sorry I haven't been very specific, but anything would be appreciated


Going there in the next little while, was wondering about anyones thoughts and opinions on this place.
Dont know if its been discussed on this board yet or not, so thought I'd ask


Need Help Finding Resto for a Group in The Downtown Core

Looking for a place for a work Christmas dinner for about 16 people. The group is made up of both young and old and both adventurous and boring eaters. So nothing too "exotic". Money is not really an issue, but nothing too fancy as the plan is to be semi-casual. I know this is kinda complicated, but any help would be appreciated. Thanx

Bacon... on the bbq???

iIuse the cheap disposable tinfoil type of pans from the grocery store. Something with a bit of a lip on it to avoid a fire if it gets dripping too much, as I have found sometimes happens with tinfoil. Take it off the heat when done and dispose of when cool. Easy and mess free.

Jul 19, 2010
NorfolkGuy in Home Cooking

Horse Meat

It's readily available in Quebec, available in may grocery stores and restaurants aswell.
Also a few places in Toronto. I'd say it's sililar to a venison, enjoyed a few carpaccios.

Jul 08, 2010
NorfolkGuy in Home Cooking

After Concert Drinks/Eats near Pheonex(sp?) Concert Hall??

Yes!! Should be an awesome show!! Too bad about the area's drink/food prospects.
Have to do something similar after the show........

After Concert Drinks/Eats near Pheonex(sp?) Concert Hall??

This will be a tuesday night if that helps......

Around the World in 80 Beers

There's a place in Simcoe that has the whole engraved plaque deal for finishing their beer list. I realise it's far from T.O., but just reminded me of the place. It's a pub/Thai place??