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Partaille's at Bouche

Bouche is at 840 Tchoup. Definitely a great place to get drinks (very extensive wine list) and although people don't immediately realize it's a restaurant, the food is amazing. The stand out dishes we tried included the smoky grilled portabella, savory mac and cheese with ham, bacon wrapped shrimp (marinated in hot sauce and served with fried celery and creole dip) and the roasted duck spring rolls. Really pleasant ambiance, beautiful old world wine cellar room. Although it's clear they have a few things to work out (cigar smoke was not properly ventilated, we could smell it strong in the hall on the way to the bathroom) this is a place we will go back to and recommend to friends!

Mar 30, 2010
bywaterBABE in New Orleans

New Orleans - 3 Days - 9 Meals suggestions?

i also agree... elizabeth's is great for brunch.. amazing food and a funky, cool, weird vibe that is exactly new orleans. i had a special there last sunday- cornmeal waffles topped with a sweet potatoe puree, pepper jelly, and shredded duck. unbelievable!

Sep 16, 2009
bywaterBABE in New Orleans