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Where to eat AMAZING food? SEA

I don't... but thank you for the suggestion;)
Steelhead sounds good!
Any comment on Anchovies and Olives? or Spinasse?

Sep 20, 2009
tarlahill in Greater Seattle

Where to eat AMAZING food? SEA

I need some delicious foodie advice. Myself and my family of 11 (2 kids) are all going to Seattle to explore, eat, laugh, and become better acquainted with one another and I am in charge of our ONE meal out! Not to mention it's my birthday:) So I need some culinary advice picking the perfect restaurant for dinner. Here are the requirements:
-(most importantly) DELICIOUS FOOD
-Can seat a large group
-Reasonably prices (entrees from $20-30)
-Kid friendly (but these are really well behaved kids)
-In or around Seattle
We truly love food and want to be in a place that will excited our taste buds and leave us feeling amazed at our culinary luck. We want a magic meal. Can you help? Any advice would be appreciated.

Sep 20, 2009
tarlahill in Greater Seattle

Affordable (but delicious) dinner in Seattle?

Great question! I have found a few places that seem nice:

Fresh Bistro
Island Soul Caribbean Cuisine
Anchovies &Olives

But seeing as I am from out of town I can only guess these places might fit the bill. Any ideas from those eating and living near-by?

Sep 19, 2009
tarlahill in Pacific Northwest