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Best Thai Restos in Toronto...

Five years after these postings on Bua Thai, I feel I should jump in.

I used to love this place. The food was tasty, fresh and authentic.

Just ordered from Bua Thai (on Avenue Rd.) -- the basics, nothing fancy. Noodle dishes were fine. I've had better spring rolls from Costco. (Nothing wrong with Kirkland Farms, but I'd expect a better product from an authentic Thai restaurant.) Asked for extra hot sauce -- no show. No big deal. The Angel (chicken) wings were undercooked and extra-doused in what seemed like sweet and sour sauce from the 80s.

Ordered Coconut Juice, and what arrived was a styrofoam soup container filled with some coconut-water-y substance that clearly came from an industrial-sized tank.

But the nail in the coffin: paid $4 for two cans of Diet Coke. What arrived were two cans of Compliments Diet Cola. Sorry, but when you charge $2 a can -- I expect the real deal.

Strike Bua Thai from your list of acceptable Thai delivery spots in Toronto.

Dim Sum - New Treasure on Dundas?

Teep, I just went with another dim sum lover and we had the exact same feeling. The dumplings were, at best, generic, and at worst, the various meats in said dumplings were of questionable source. In their defense this may be because of too much blending and overuse of cornstarch. The "Phoenix feet" were nicely seasoned but the feet themselves weren't very substantive. Best thing was the sticky rice. But I'd never recommend a dim sum joint based on an order or sticky rice alone.

Bottom line, stick to spadina.

New Treasure Restaurant
150 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G1C6, CA

Rangoli - Review

For anyone wondering if they should go to Rangoli in Toronto on Yonge Street (just so there are no doubts) -- RUN, do not walk, away from this place.

Unlike the poster above, I'd enjoyed going there since 2006. It was a nice family run restaurant that served fresh food -- decent quality meats with lots of vegetables, lovely delicate flavours. (I could forgive the occasional raspberry garnish.) The best part was, the dishes weren't drowning in goopy oily sauces -- the sad standard in many Indian joints.

This week I ordered takeout from them -- Chicken Kurchan, Chicken Korma, Sag Paneer, Nan, and Samosas -- and after I opened the disappointing, colourless, practically meat- and cheese-less and most of all flavourless mess, I actually called to see if the owners and the chef had changed.

They had. Which didn't surprise me -- everything had diminished somewhat in quantity and SIGNIFICANTLY in quality.

Anyway, I'm looking for a new Indian joint in Yonge/St. Clair -- I notice a few places have opened recently, does anyone have any recommendations?