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Restaurant recommendations in New Ulm? [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

My wife and I have a gift certificate at a B&B we will be using in New Ulm in a couple weeks. Any recommendations on a restaurant for Friday night? I know there can't be that many but simply looking for first hand experience at what they have to offer.

Apr 15, 2011
SWMSPfoodie in Great Lakes

Need recs for Bloomington within walking distance of hotel

Come on everyone! You can certainly recommend the Whitney Bistro in the Country Inn right next door. At least go in for a drink at the Onyx Bar which is pretty cool. Oak City is just up the frontage road as well. While neither of these places constitutes fine dining they certainly excel in their niche. I live in SW MSP and we get to both of these at least once every two or three months. It's not Heidi's, Cave Vin, Broder's, etc. but they are at least local and not chains.

Cave Vin
5555 Xerxes Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

Oak City
5001 American Blvd W Ste 102, Minneapolis, MN 55437

Whitney Bistro
5120 American Blvd West, Bloomington, MN 55437

Frozen Breaded Cheese Curds

You are absolutely right on Rybicki Cheese Shop and you're the first person I've ever heard say that. I pick up cheese curds whenever I travel through Wisconsin and I can be quite particular! The curds at Rybicki are always fresh and squeacky!

Looking for lobster bisque (MSP)

My wife and I ate at Heidi's on New Year's Eve and had the lobster bisque and it was amazing! I order lobster bisque whenever I see it on the menu and this may have been the best I've had. The sweet potato and lobster dumplings was amazing.

Lake Geneva, WI restaurants??

We drove by Gilbert's last weekend and it was dark so we assumed they must be closed or closing. We ended up eating dinner at Sopra Bistro on Saturday night and it was OK. The food itself was good but seemed to be lacking flavor and the right seasoning. The service was very underwhelming (very slow on bring out drinks, never refilling water glasses, forgetting to bring out dessert menus until we asked). For some reason we also ate at Popeyes for lunch one day and I must say it was not very good. The meats were overly wet nor did they seem to be done to the right temperature. Anyways, the Lake Geneva area is gorgeous and the Grand Geneva resort is a wonderful place to stay.

724 W Main St, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Grand Geneva Resort
PO Box 130, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Oct 30, 2009
SWMSPfoodie in Great Lakes

Lake Geneva, WI restaurants??

I need some first hand knowledge on some of the restaurants in the Lake Geneva, WI area. We will be driving from Minneapolis to meet some Chicago friends and staying at the Grand Geneva resort next weekend. We're looking for a couple of good restaurants for Friday and Saturday evening. They've been there before and been to Gilbert's a couple times with one fantastic meal and one below average email. We could do the Geneva Chophouse at the hotel but I've always thought the Chophouse chain was good but very overpriced (I've been to the Milwaukee Chophouse and the Bloomington Chophouse). A new place that we haven't seen anything on is the Sopra Bistro. The menu looks good and they have a great craft beer list which is a big plus. Has anybody tried BJ Wentker's in Burlington?


Oct 19, 2009
SWMSPfoodie in Great Lakes

Minneapolis bars in Lake Harriet area ?

The place south of 62 on Penn is Sandy's. It's actually just south of 66th. It is definitely a dive (it used to be a speakeasy back in the 30s). Good hamburgers and good beer. Just a beer and wine license, no hard alcohol. I live at roughly 55th and Penn and there are truely no good bars of any kind in the area. Cafe Maude actually has a nice bar but is the antithesis of a dive bar. Great live music on the weekends though!

Mexican restaurant recommendations in Minneapolis to go with kids?

Thanks for the recommendations dalewest! I guess I was trying to be polite about Pepitos when I say they lost their vibe. The vibe they used to have was actually that they didn't have a vibe. It seems to have gotten to be a trendy place to go now and they seem to be taking advantage of it by raising their prices (charging for more than one basket of chips, etc.) and I think the food quality has declined. We used to like it when it was just about good Mexican food.

Mexican restaurant recommendations in Minneapolis to go with kids?

Any recommendations on Mexican restaurants in Minneapolis that are good with kids? We are very tired of Pepitos as well as I think they've raised their prices and it has lost a little of its vibe. I know there has to be some great spots on Lake St. but it is kind of overwhelming with the number of them and we don't have the luxury of sampling them since we are hauling all the kids gear around. We are looking for something with table/waiter/waitress service and that has a highchair for our two year old. No kids menu needed - just good food and a comfortable table to sit down with our two and four year old.


Pierres bistro mpls mn

I highly recommend the baked brie in puff pastry as well as the mushroom tart. We most recently ate there a few months ago and thought it was delicious. We only live about four blocks from there and are always disappointed it doesn't get more publicity. Cave Vin up the road is quite good as well and a little more bistro/casual than Pierre's. Enjoy!