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Please tell me if you have experience with a CSA?

I love being a part of a CSA. It is called Live Earth Farm, and it is located in Watsonville, just south of San Jose. It is not cheap, but we do get produce for 11 months out of the year. The farm takes March off. For winter shares it is $300 for 30 weeks, and for the rest of the year it is $729 for 33 weeks. This is for the medium-sized share, which is more than enough for my husband and I. I would recommend doing your research, because some CSA's are better than others. While we don't get to pick what is in our shares each week, the variety is great. This week for example we got 13 items, from Napa cabbage, to meyer lemons, to strawberries and apples. This particular CSA has 3 sizes, and will also help you find someone to split a share with. They are constantly having events at the farm, and welcome members to come and visit. Their farming methods are organic, and natural. They use all kinds of methods to practice natural, sustanable farming, from using cover crops to beneficial insects. They also have chickens, sheep and goats. They also work with other organic local producers of honey, bread, granola, coffee, jellies, and pickles, and sell them to be picked up with the weekly shares.

It takes some getting used to, but I look at our weekly shares and a culinary challenge. Not having a choice of what gets delivered, has forced me to cook with things that I normally would not cook with. I have even had to learn how to cook certain vegetables, that I had no clue what they were! It does take some discipline to cook often to use of your share before the next week. My CSA has the option of donating your share when you go on vacation, and are unable to pick up your share. My husband and I are proud to be supporting a local farmer, and enjoy the health benefits of organic produce.

May 06, 2011
llietzke in General Topics

can you freeze coconut milk?

Subsequently I have been using a handy tip I got from Rachael Ray. I just put the unused portion of chili in adobo sauce in a ziplock bag, and throw it in the freezer. Then when you need some, just roll it out and grate the desired amount with a box grater. I have yet to use an entire can of chilies in adobo sauce at one time, and this is a great way to use just enough to add a smoky, spicy element to a dish.

Apr 29, 2011
llietzke in Home Cooking

Chop Bar: Sunday pig roasts

We were planning on going to this today, but when I called Chop Bar to check it out, apparently they are only roasting pigs, every 3rd Sunday. Just thought I'd let everyone know to call before you go to make sure the piggy is on the fire!

Fugu Eaters - I Need You!

I had my first experience with fugu in NYC at Morimot's restauraunt. It was part of the omakase that night. The dish consisted of the flesh, sliced very thin, and a small pile of chopped "pieces" of the fish. The pieces in my opinion, were the best part. It included some cartiledge, and skin, and some other unidentifiable things. Neither the flesh or the pieces had a significant taste. Pretty bland as a matter of fact. But it was the texture. The flesh was "toothsome" as described in previous post. The pieces were a bit chewier and more satisfying to sink your teeth into, in my opinion. The dish was served in the traditional style, with sliced green onions and ponzu sauce. It was nice to try it, but to be honest, it was pretty expensive, I'm not sure that I would do it again. However, the overall meal at Morimotos was probably one of the best I have ever had!

Dec 13, 2009
llietzke in General Topics

Looking for Sonoma County winery suggestions

My husband and I really prefer the smaller family run wineries. We are pretty new to the area, and I'm not sure how close these are to Glen Ellen, but here are a few suggestions. The Vincent Arroyo winery is really great, they are around the St. Helena area. Goosecreek Cellars is also a good experience. They have a great variety of wine available as well. The Robledo family winery is around Sonoma. They are great! The tasting room isn't very impressive, but the wines are. Also if you are a fan of port, Prager is right next to Sutter Home on the main street in Napa. Hagafen is also a great winery. Their employees are very knowledgeable and friendly. The Frank Family winery also has a beautiful property. They have some great reds, and sparkling wine as well. The property is beautiful too. We had a great picnic there! Like I said before, I am not familiar with Glen Ellen, so I hope some of these are close. At least if there is a little driving involved, it's a beautiful area to explore. There are some great little restaurants, deli's and gourmet stores.

Robledo's Restaurant
6286 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94124

How is the hospital food where you live?

I've been a nurse for about 8 years and have worked in several different hospitals all over the country. It's no surprise that a major complaint I hear is that the food is awful. Please keep in mind that hospitals are not hotels. In a perfect world patients would receive gourmet food AND quality health care. Hospitals are on very limited budgets, that have not improved in today's economy, especially with the increasing number of uninsured patients. Most hospitals are focusing financial resources on keeping or acquiring nurses and doctors, not personal chefs. Slowly hospitals are attempting to make the transition to improve the food, but it will take time. And it will probably never be enough to satisfy everyone's palate.

Nov 11, 2009
llietzke in General Topics