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Le P'tit Atelier

My director from France buys all his croissants and French pastries from here for our breakfasts whenever we are working the quarter end crunch - he says it's the closest tasting to home. I like their raspberry pistachio croissant, and they make a pretty good latte too!

Bridal shower - High Tea or Brunch locations (Montreal)

My bridal party is in the midst of organizing my bridal shower (yes I'm involved in that too even though my mom says I'm not?) and we are looking to either do it as a high tea or a brunch event. Does anyone have any recommendations for any restaurants that could do groups?

I was looking at either tea at Gryphon d'Or, or doing brunch at Le Cartet but I know Le Cartet is pretty loud unless you reserve the whole space (and I have a feeling we might not be THAT many...)

Thanks in advance!

Going to Halifax for 4 day business...suggestions?

I'm going to Halifax (probably with a bunch of others) for training. Staying with another fellow Montrealer from the same office at the Radisson on Hollis Street. The office is on 1959 Upper Water St. We are given a $50 allowance per day and we're leaving Thursday at that leaves us with three dinners, four lunches and breakfast every morning.

Any suggestions for restaurants? Given that our allowance is cumulative, we usually aim to skimp on breakfast and lunch and splurge on dinner (why not?). I'd much prefer grabbing my coffee and breakfast (fast) from elsewhere rather than Timmie's...which is what my fellow coworkers ended up coercing me into while I was in Toronto for training as well (arggghhh...watered down coffee with 18% cream)

I'm adventurous but not so much the others...I'm looking to go for seafood because I know it's good (been to the Maritimes in the past for a few days...vacationing). Checked a few places online and was looking at The Battered Fish, Five Fisherman (is it overhyped?) and The Press Gang.

Things I'd be interested in: definitely fish and chips (had it once on the streets, loved it), oysters (I know my fellow coworker loves it...raw or not) and of course lobster. Good sushi would be a plus but given that there's a bigger gang and I haven't met the rest of them (they're coming from other cities in Canada), I dont know if I can be that adventurous as I usually am.

Thanks in advance!

Sep 29, 2012
caramielle in Atlantic Canada

Almond paste...or where to get the best almond croissant (in MTL)

I finally went there because I was curious about it (even prior to this post) - tried the almond croissant and...though good, I know it won't meet my grandma's expectations because she likes the whole "in your face" almond taste. I didn't taste much almond in it...but it was still a good croissant. The chocolatines and the other pastries looked good - need to go there again for a study day

Almond paste...or where to get the best almond croissant (in MTL)


My mom came back from TO and brought back some almond croissants for my grandma. She loves them so much and got so mad at my grandpa for eating the last one (go figures). Anyways, now I've been enlisted with the job to either

1) Get the best almond croissant possible (in Montreal)
or if all else fails
2) Make it myself (because I can?)

My only issue is with the baking part is where to get almond paste, because I haven't found it in the large supermarkets before.

Thanks in advance :)

(PS: I've searched the boards in advance and noted that Patisserie Nancy was a contender for a good almond croissant - anyone else want to add to that?)

Attending McGill next year, give me some essentials!

I graduated in 09 from I will say RIGHT NOW the bronfman caf is a disaster...I don't know of anyone that likes anything from there and I only buy coffee from there occasionally (and maybe a muffin if I'm hungry)

I am not sure if it's still there but there's Super Sandwich in the Cartier shopping mall next to bronfman (a bronfman student haunt) with good sandwiches, there's Saigon down the street going towards the Peel metro (suddenly don't remember the name of the street...Metcalfe?) - used to go there in between breaks to get peanut butter dumplings, noodles or fried banana (yeahh....sweet tooth).

There's a pizza place in Square Phillips near the Bay called Pizza Il Focolaio with a lot of pizza choice - I used to go there after the gym (which is up on Pine...quite the trek haha). I'll second the Al-Tahib option also. If you don't mind getting messy I'd say go to Bofingers down University towards PVM (it's near the BMO). They have some specials every day of the week and their stuff is pretty tasty (I haven't tried Le Boucan yet because the last time the RSVP got screwed up and we lost it ugh but I heard it's supposed to be good)

If you go to the Concordia area there's tons of Asian restaurants - the cult favourite Kazu (beware of line up) Yuki ramen in the Faubourg food court, Golden Stone (Chinese bbq, 1439 St. Mathieu St), Pret A Manger (also in the Concordia area on St Cat's - pretty good Chinese food and I'm Chinese so I'm hoping that has some merit!)

I usually go to Maison Bulgogi near Atwater on St Cat's for my Korean...just used to going there. I like Chez Bong too but I haven't been there lately so can't comment much if things have changed. For sushi, not a fan of Kanda after Sushi Crescent openend up but still prefer Ginza on St Denis (despite their tempura being pretty mediocre).

And if you don't mind making the trek up St Laurent...try Burger De Ville (5282 Boulevard Saint-Laurent). Better than those burger bars dtown that are popping up everywhere...

Can't forget the 3 for $2 samosa sales that almost happen every week. I held one once and made so much money, my friend and I honestly considered just doing that for a living lol. The samosas come from Pushap in Namur, FYI.

Staying for the weekend in Soho/Wall Street area...suggestions?

Okay...didn't realized I had to be that specic on the Manhattan food board (I usually post in Montreal that's why)

So criteria:

*Trying to keep it at a budget of approx $20-40 total (for two people) + tips & taxes since it's just a simple weekend and my bf doesn't appreciate fine dining the way I do (still have to work on that haha)
*No cuisine preference - we like to try absolutely everything (but maybe a limit to the junk less greasy stuff)
*We don't drink alcohol with our meals when we're out of town...mainly because we end up going out for drinks with friends afterwards

Jul 09, 2011
caramielle in Manhattan

Staying for the weekend in Soho/Wall Street area...suggestions?

Sorry for not being clear, I'd say we'd be willing to fork our around $20-30 for lunch, and dinner uping it up to $40. I don't know if that gives enough room to play with though.

My source for NYC restos has gone MIA so I kinda need some help :P

Jul 09, 2011
caramielle in Manhattan

Staying for the weekend in Soho/Wall Street area...suggestions?

The bf and I were supposed to stay at a friend's cousin's place (in Flushing) but after some back and forth (and us not wanting to party for $200 with people we barely know aside from our 2 other friends who are driving with us), we've decided to book a hotel to stay in the city and meet them up during the day instead.

Since we'll be doing our own thing, and our hotel is located on 126 Water Street (Holiday Inn express), I'm looking for some good places to chow down (whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight snack).

As long as it's within budget (nothing ridiculously expensive), I'm happy. And we're willing to subway/cab it out too.

Thanks in advance!

Jul 09, 2011
caramielle in Manhattan

Best soba noodles brand?

Another tip is that you have to SWIRL them with chopsticks while they are cooking so that they don't stick to the bottom too. And rinse them in cold water until they aren't slimy. If you aren't using them right away, you should leave them in a colander submerged in cold water. That way they won't stick. Generally the noodles are ready after 3 minutes if your water was boiling rapidly before dunking the noddles in. I've never had a problem with any of the brands I've bought at Marché Hawaii

Bromont - any suggestion for restaurants?

So...for my boyfriend's bday, we're going up north to Bromont (since it's not too too far away...he hates driving long distance AND does not trust me behind the wheel so can't do much there) and I was wondering if anyone could point out some good restaurants there. Since I'm already paying for the accommodations (THANK YOU Groupon for a good deal haha)...I have around a budget of $70 to work with for both of us for a good dinner. I spent around that much at The Keg last year (yes, I know bash me all you want for bringing him there BUT he wanted to go so bday boy gets his pick, right?) so I guess I'm okay with that budget?

Thanks in advance! We're not picky just as long as it's a decent place to sit down and eat :)

Tuna steak in Montreal?

Hello fellow Chowhounders :)

I recently went to Stamford, CT (not the most exciting place I know) for business and had a really good tuna steak, something that a co-worker introduced me to. So I was wondering, are there any good restaurants that have it on the menu?

Thanks in advance :)

Chinese roast BBQ goose

Being Chinese, I know for a fact that they don't have bbq goose. My boyfriend's parents always bring one back from Toronto. There is less demand here compared to TO and Van, I guess.

Garde Manger opening hours?

thanks for the heads up...I guess next time my friend's in town i'll try and book
totally did not realize that they were only opened for dinner! Guess it's the lack of sleep that is getting to me - didn't read the opening hrs properly

Garde Manger opening hours?

Saturday morning my friends and I decided to scout out for La Garde Manger in the Old Port...after a few wrong turns and being directionally challenged, we finally reached the address to find the chairs were turned over the tables and it was pretty much...well, very closed-looking. There's no sign indicating the resto's name, which I found kind of perculiar but sure...whatever works!

Does anyone know the opening hours of the restaurant? I know my friend really wants to try it out, and she's not always in town (she lives in Ottawa). I read somewhere online they were supposed to be opened Tues-Sun. We got there around 2pm.

Chinese fried bun

they care man tou...these are the fried version as opposed to the steamed version. i'm not sure where you might find them but you can check if the bakery across from Lai Jing (Boon Kai...the one wih the Chinese buffet) has them by chance.

Check out my Review of Lu Mama

i remember going for my 20th birthday (which was two years ago) but not eating the sushi...the cooked stuff was good. So I guess they reopened? Looks like I'll be making a trip back to see how it is now!

Sushi resto for bday (+10)

ooh nice to know that Ginza would be able accomodate :)
Obviously I think it would be nice with the private rooms but I have a feeling those ones will be a bit more pricey...

Fresh Lychee fruit in Montreal?

I agree there...or Marché Hawaii (VSL) or maybe even Kim Phat if you're in the South Shore.

Sushi resto for bday (+10)

Alright...well I know that I had previously made a thread about sushi restos...still got the list to go to when I get the chance. I was just wondering if someone could recommend a sushi resto that for sure can accomodate a little party for maybe 10+ people since my bf's birthday is the end of May.

We liked Ginza but I'm not 100% sure if they would be able to accomodate a larger group since the restaurant itself was pretty small.


Good sushi in Mtl

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone :)
Btw, has anyone tried Dozo Izakaya Sushi on Stanley? I pass by it quite often, just not sure if it's any good...

Good sushi in Mtl

I tried looking in the forums to see if there were any threads discussing sushi restaurants in Montreal and somehow I landed with nothing so I hope that I'm justified in writing this :)

I'm looking for a good, not too expensive (to put it in perspective, I think Sakura is pretty pricey now that they moved locations, and although I'm working, I just started so I'd like to keep things to below 50$ for 2, obviously preferably less but 50 will be ok).

We usually end up at Kanda but I was looking for something different. We were told Ginza (sp?) was pretty good (near St Denis I think) and then there was some other sushi resto we had passed by randomly by chance on Mount Royal but the name has slipped my head.

I've heard mixed reviews about Mikasa (bf said he didn't find it that special) and Odaki. I've been to Miso (near Atwater) and found it alright but nothing amazing. Also been to a few in the West Island that were good but since we don't have a car half the time, it would be better if were accessible by public transport.

Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

Chinese mooncakes

Wing Wah is *the* moon cake brand in Hong Kong - I used to live there, and those were the ones that were always sold out. Very traditional. Marche Hawaii probably has a whole selection now too because October's around the Mid Autumn moon festival for us Chinese :)

Downtown student restaurants

i agree with the samosas...Bronfman tends to have a lot of samosa sales (I'm a graduate from the BComm) and they get their orders from Pushap. $2.00 for 3 samosas, it's pretty filling. As for the Bronfman bistro, my friend told me their Tom Yum is pretty good.

Brunch: Holders or Le Cartet?

So this saturday I'm planning on going to brunch with a bunch of my friends, and being the organizer, I was wondering which one would be better? I've heard positive reviews on both but I need a bit of nudging in one direction or the other :P

The price is not an issue right now, because after checking the menu online, it seems to be reasonable. I was just wondering about other people's experiences.


Adonis Better Than Ever

my grandparents have been going there almost every day since it opened (we live near by and they always go there to meet with their friends). The stuff there seems to always be cheaper and there's a large selection. I think now there's less people because it's been opened for a while...but really that place is HUGE! The lot that they took is probably one of the largest because I still remember when it used to be a Maxi and then when it changed to some wholesale clothing store a while back.

Downtown student restaurants

That would be friends some times go there although it's not the best Pho they've had. If you have enough time, going down to Chinatown is a good bet. I usually go to the Concordia area for lunch with my friends (I used to go to McGill too - I just graduated :D). There's a good pizza place near The Bay - Pizza Il Focolaio. Used to go there all the time until my schedules didn't allow me to. Wood stove thin crust pizzas...yum :)

For Korean...I've tried Chez Bong in Chinatown (1021 St Laurent), and that was pretty good although some of my other friends have said otherwise. There's also Towa on St-Catherine closer to St-Mathieu in the Concordia end.

Grillades Bizou on Bishop is good usual, near the Concordia area


So the restaurant moved from DT Concordia area? I wanted to go before they closed! :( What's the new address?

looking for a resto in the old port...bday dinner

yeah, i've thought about that too...but no one wants to go to Chinatown to eat because we're all Asian haha...and the Old Port is known to be expensive but my friend likes it there. I don't want everyone complaining about the price point. I had my joint birthday dinner at Jardin Nelson - if I knew she wanted to go to the Old Port, I would've picked that for her and chosen somewhere else for mine

looking for a resto in the old port...bday dinner

i would suppose 20 being max before tax