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Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant in San Francisco

I recently converted to eating vegetarian and I am looking for a really good vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the city. I was planning to take bart because I will be meeting people in Union Square, but I could drive if the restaurant is located in another area. I'm not interested in eating pressed tofu made to look like chicken or beef. I'd like to find a restaurant that seves local/seasonal vegetables prepared with some creativity with whole grains and not a lot gooey cheese products. Also, since I'm the only vegetarian in the group, a non-vege restaurant would be fine as well, as long as they have a good selection of vegetarian dishes. Price Range $$ or $$$.

Cooking classes | San Francisco

Tante Marie's Cooking School is a great school. Not only do they offer two professional six month culinary programs, but they also offer individual classes taught by some of San Francisco's leading chefs. They also host cooking parties for up to 20 people which are a lot of fun.