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Which salt do you use at the table?

Maldon. its heaven

Jul 17, 2011
pocketgarden in General Topics

Suggestions for Summit County, Colorado (Breckenridge, Keystone, Frisco, etc)?

My take on the Alpenglow Stube after a meal there last week...

Truly one of the most disappointing meals of my life. Yes, the gondola ride to the top was romantic. The cozy slippers and warm hearth are wonderful touches. The drinks and service were top-notch, but none of that makes up for the truly abysmal food.

We went for the classic 6-course menu. My first gripe is that amuse bouche and a tablespoon of sorbet are NOT courses. They are generally thrown in as bonuses, courtesy of the chef and while the delicious sturgeon and israeli caviars, and the homemade banana sorbet were in fact, the highlights of an otherwise terrible meal, they should not be billed as courses.

For my first course i ordered rabbit loin with greens and a meyer lemon vinaigrette. What I got was a dry, overcooked cutlet (could have been chicken for all I know) wrapped around a few sad, wilted greens. My fiance got the buffalo short rib which smelled nice but was woefully underseasoned and tasted only of smoke.

Vennison bing cherry consumme was fine. Clear and flavorful.

For our main meals, I got the Colorado lamb, which was cooked medium-rare as I asked, however the chop was more than 50% fat, and not the crispy melting kind of fat you get from a nice sear, but translucent globs that were not at all appealing. The accompanying "spoonbread" tasted like grainy bread mixed with water and an entire stale can of provencal seasoning. completely inedible. It was garnished with asparagus (really, you serve asparagus all winter?) and few sticks of carrot. My fiances duck was completely overcooked and served with a gelatinous gravy-type sauce that tasted like uncooked flour.

I do have to mention the various homemade breads were warm, fresh and delicious and the compound butters/preserves that accompanied them were a nice touch.

When dessert arrived my fiance said, "you have to try this banana's foster it's so good!" "Really?!" I took a bite and he doubled over in laughter, as I choked it down. Dessert fail. His bananas foster was like freezer-burnt banana ice cream, and my "signature dessert" was a flavorless overcooked custard sprinkled with a few sad looking berries.

As we looked around the restaurant we could hardly believe our eyes, happy diners everywhere. I wanted to complain but everything went so smoothly it was obvious that we were not there on a bad nigh.t The kitchen wasn't in the weeds, this is just the standard, which to us was completely unacceptable for the $350 price tag for two, (including a tasty reasonably priced bottle of wine and tip) Its like everyone was drinking the Kool-aid, Apparently the fancy chef toques, and cheesy 90's swirly sauce plating, and inflated prices fooled everyone into thinking they were having an excellent meal. I just cannot believe those chefs taste the food before it goes out and think it tastes good. It's absolutely absurd.

Next time you are in Keystone save yourself a couple hundred bucks and get a nice steak at the tenderfoot lounge. You'll have a delicious, unpretentious meal that doesn't leave a bitter, resentful, taste in your mouth.

Mar 12, 2011
pocketgarden in Mountain States

Best sandwich in boston?

Pork bahn mi - Pho Viet in the super 88 food court
Lamb sandwich - Flour Bakery (south end, fort point, or kedall square)
Anything at All star- Inman square, cambridge
Griddled chicken on pretzel bread - Mariposa bakery in central square

Flour Bakery + Cafe
12 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA

Pho Viet
1095 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215


i have found WF prices to be comparable (sometimes more) than Formaggio but the cheeses are not handled with the same care. *disclaimer* I used to work at formaggio but not in the cheese department. I continually find underripe cheeses at WF and the wine and cheese cask . Formaggio scrapes down and rewraps their cheeses with fresh wrap every morning and builds that giant cheese wall from scratch. they also put out product only when its ripe as they can hold onto it in their cave until ready . Not only can you taste all any cheese at FK, but no one is as knowledgeable as their mongers. its pricey but the quality can't be beat.

Ravioli Recs

crab ravioli in sweet pea brodo at pizzeria posto. have mentioned them in a previous post they are heaven.

What/Where -- Your favorite pasta dish?

i've had some really tasty pastas at pizzeria posto. a braised rabbit tagliatelle, and crab tortellini in a fresh pea sauce. both were outstanding. I usually feel suckered for paying 3x the cost for something i could make better at home when it comes to restuarant pasta, but so far not at posto! Also tried a few bites of the bucatini with guanciale which my DC happily devoured. you really can't go wrong there

Pizzeria Posto

was there 2nd night open. left very happy. Atmosphere reminds me of Zuni cafe in San fran. with exposed brick and funky windows. very attentive and friendly service a little frazzled at times but very impressive considering they had just opened the night before. had the eggplant and white sardine app. could have used more sardines and was a bit underseasoned/undercooked but still tasty and the whipped ricotta it comes with was really creamy and delicious. Everything was up from there. Split the pizza margherita: crisp and smoky on the outside chewy on the inside crust and with 00 flour, san marzano tomatoes & fior di latte it was everything I hoped for. The house-made chili oli was a delicious addition which we also added to the tagliatelle with braised rabbit, peas, and favas. I am almost always disappointed when ordering pasta out, I always feel I could do a better job for 1/8 of the price but this dish was a standout, and I certainly don't braise rabbits, or shell fresh peas/favas everyday so it felt special. Savory and delcious, rich but still felt right for an april evening. solid wine list, good beers on tap. excited to return!

boston hounds headed to south beach for a bachelorette

hi all,

5 20-something hounds will be in south beach next week looking for a range of lunch/dinner/drink options. Looking for solid food of all sorts, perhaps a splurge one night but mostly moderately priced dinners., cheap and tasty lunches w. drinks. we are well behaved but lively/outdoor atmosphere is appreciated.pretty clueless about the dining scene any recs appreciated. thanks!

Beard Finalists - Orfaly, really?

I don't see it on the list but boston globe food section nominated for best in the nation along with washington post and san fran chronicle. congrats to sheryl julian!

Cookie-Cutter Cool?

the chicken and waffles at starlite are fantastic! but take it easy or you might waddle out of there having taken them down too fast because you were feeling like you needed that last bite of crispy, juicy spicy/sweet goodness when your body was saying STOP! you've gotta try them. Though they seem a bit overpriced at $17 (especially compared to the rest of the menu) I've gone back twice and can't help but order them

house made tofu?

have been dreaming about the creamy, custardy homemade tofu at oiishi since my visit last week. anywhere else in the boston area (preferably not as pricey) where i can get house made tofu or something of comparable quality?

Taberna de Haro - Great atmosphere, horrible food.

this was a few months back. just before the hoildays i believe. will have to give it a second try!

Best BBQ so far in 2010 for Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington

i second this whole review. and as a former fk employee i can vouch that they use top quality meat and fuss over the smoker like its a small child. eric is the bbq man and he takes his job seriously. my only complaint was occasionally undercooked beans but i think they've remedied the problem and the flavor is over the top smoky-sweet goodness.

Meat Shares

sadly i have a bit of a gripe. this is my second year with a river rock csa and though the quality of the meat is still outstanding i was dissapointed to see we received the same cuts of meat on both deliveries. While I am fine with flavorful, tougher, (cheaper) cuts of meat, this year that seemed to be the bulk of what was the in the share, while last year we got some of the "prime" cuts as well as the braising cuts. we split the share with another couple who called the farm about the problem and while they were friendly and said next year we could request various cuts i can't help but feel a little cheated. I understand they want to sell the restaurants their best cuts but we pay top dollar too.

Taberna de Haro - Great atmosphere, horrible food.

I have also had only positive experiences here. my first as a culinary student at BU, our class spent an afternoon in the kitchen with Deborah ( i believe that is her name?) she explained the wine list, many of the dishes and their origins and we eventually cooked and sat down to a meal of braised quail with fried garlic and a vegetable terrine of eggplant, peppers, onions, etc all sauteed in copious amounts of good quality spanish olive oil. yum. that was 2 + years ago but i recently returned for a birthday dinner. Six of us on a busy weeknight and the service was attentive, wine selection impressive and all the food delicious, especially everything with potatoes, the shrimp in garlic and the cod fritters. but really all scrumptious. I must say I had a negative experience at estragon. The place was EMPTY the server was sweet but a bit spacy and the food was just not memorable and across the board underseasoned and overpriced.

Chicken stock?

I second FK for good chicken stock. also NE soup factory has tasty broth made with parsnips and dill for sweetness. mmm.

Best Pot Pie in Boston?

formaggio has turkey and chicken pot pies in the freezer case. not a traditional crust but dufor puff on top. freebird chicken with peas, carrots, onions and herbs in a hearty veloute made with their homemade chicken stock. not cheap but definitely tasty.

Five Favorite Places to Eat Among Frequent/Veteran CH Posters?

Highland Kitchen, Somerville
Eastern Standard, Kenmorel
Orinoco, South End
Oleana, Cambridge
Flour, South End

Where to buy good tamales?

I second Cantina la Mexicana in Union Square. $1.25 a piece and so delicious! chicken, pork or vegetable. Their potato chorizo filling is heaven, though im not sure if they have it in tamales, or just burros and rellenos.

Formaggio Kitchen-Experiences Beyond Cheese?

any platter is going to be high quality ingredients that speak for themselves, smoked salmon, cheese platters etc. the case salads are occasionally under seasoned or underwhelming, but the holiday menus deliver! Eduardo the head chef does the bulk of holiday menu catering himself, and his beef stew is really delicious, the epitome of good home-cooking. Eduardo's food (daily dinners, soups, and holiday menus) are how you always hoped your grandmother's cooking would taste. not cheap, but you won't be disappointed.

Buy Bolognaise sauce already made from Italian restaurant or takeout

fomaggio kitchen, in the freezer case. A bit pricey but v. rich, with beef, pork and chicken livers. Add a little tomato sauce or cream to stretch it if you like.

Interesting Lemonades

as a former charles square server i can assure that was dumb luck, or a conscientious waitperson. from concentrate lemonade + iced tea in proportions determined by the pourer.