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What discontinued products do you miss?

check pensky's

Nov 16, 2011
pathgeek in General Topics

give me your top 3 make ahead meals

1) Pork or Chicken in Tomatillo/Chipotle Sauce:
in a pressure cooker
brown meat on both sides
cover with tomatillo sauce (homemade is best, bottled works if you're in a big rush)
stir in some chipotle in adobo
cook 20 minutes on highest pressure
in the meantime, make rice. Warm tortillas.

2) Tacos de carne
In a crockpot, in the morning:
use an inexpensive roast cut in pieces, or buy beef stew meat
Put in crockpot. Add about 1/2 a cup of water, a clove of garlic, and a tablespoon or
2 of mild red chili (anaheim/ new mexico red). Cook on low all day.
Serve with tortillas, cut green onions, radishes, queso fresco, etc.

3) Pasta with "red, green and white"
1 can sundried tomatoes (in oil)
2 boxes of frozen spinach
lots of cilantro
1 or many cloves of garlic

While pasta is cooking, mince garlic and saute in a bit of the tomato oil. Set aside. Cook the spinach. Chop the tomatoes into smaller pieces. Combine tomatoes, garlic, spinach and as much of the oil as you like. Crumble the feta. Chop the cilantro. When pasta is al dente, mix in with oil/tomato/spinach mix. Stir to combine. Add feta and cilantro. Stir. Good with red wine.

Apr 21, 2010
pathgeek in Home Cooking

Hungry near midnight....What's open in Portland?

Never been to Portland and will be arriving late (10:15 scheduled) at the airport. This'd be the one meal that we could choose on our own. Trolling restaurant websites, many close by 11

For you who know the scene-- is anything open for a 10:45 reservation? And if so what?
Alternatively-- brewpubs, pizza, whatever (we'll have been traveling for over 6 hours and will be hungry !)

Thanks in advance!

Horrible Host: Invited to a Dinner Party, and then asked to bring DINNER!!!

I have a friend who does this all the time. Rich as sin, too. Never ever ever invites without expecting that half the things will be provided. There are reasons why we're all still friends and go to these parties, but this excentricity annoys me no end.

Oct 08, 2009
pathgeek in Not About Food


This reminds me of the mexican american war. The mexicans may be right, but the Yanquis won't quit.

My vote:
old tortillas
radishes for pozole
Save the lime-- use it to garnish your cocktail glass.

Oct 02, 2009
pathgeek in Recipes

Restaurant recommendations in Sioux Falls, SD

Wild Sage-- in the Cherapa Place Building-- local organic seasonal and varied menu. Wine & beer.
Sushi Masa-- yes, sushi in Sioux Falls. Quite good for the Midwest
Tea Steak House (Tea, SD, 7 miles from SF)-- great meat. Cheap. The rest is a trip :) Do not expect a reasonable wine experience
Taqueria Nikki's-- Small (mexican) tacos... $1.25 each. Long on flavor, short on atmosphere

Sunday Lunch or Brunch in Philadelphia

Morning Glory Cafe in Bella Vista.
Great food, baad coffee in metal cups... fun people. The eggs are awesome.

Be prepared to wait in line!
735 S 10th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147-2741
Phone: (215) 413-3999

Feb 19, 2008
pathgeek in Pennsylvania

Chile Hot Chocolate

I do this with cocoa (as above) and a small amount (less than 1/2 a teaspoon) of the sauce in a can of chipotle chilis. The chipotle imparts a smokey and spicy flavor -- tangy and provocative-- that cayenne lacks.

Feb 19, 2008
pathgeek in Recipes

I've got Miller Lite. What do I do with it?

This happened to me once. As an avid gardener, with a slug problem at the time, I conducted an experiment with the dregs of some really nice home-brews, specialty brews, and the light-crap I was strapped with. Go figure, the slugs like Miller and Bud (Lite of course) best! We now call it slug-chug. If you're a gardener you're in luck! (I see I'm not the only one mentioning slugs....)

If not, the butt-can chickens are good, too.

The but-up chicken is always an idea.

Feb 18, 2008
pathgeek in Beer

Looking for Authentic (German) Stollen

I was quite pleased with last year. I purchased one to try and then used these for Christmas gifts. Not quite the same as the ones "in Leipzig oder Dresden gebacken" but about as close as I've found since moving here from Germany.
I've also tried one from Zingerman's, which was also quite acceptable.
I haven't tried Dinkels or Sternthaler (although, looking at the website, Sternthaler doesn't have the requisite sugar coating).

Oct 26, 2007
pathgeek in Chicago Area

2 nights, need dinner plans, near Tampa Airport


Well... Once there was a football game and a very odd taxi driver.....
Despite our best wishes we were taken to Ybor City and dropped off in front of Columbia restaurant, and ended up with a quite nice dinner. The best plans do sometimes get mis-layed.
Many thanks to all for the ideas, which we will hope to implement and not have highjacked on our next visit!

Oct 26, 2007
pathgeek in Florida

1 night, 1 chance.... can you do it for me?

Will be in Chicago for one night (a Thursday) arriving late (8pm) to ORD.
Meeting a couple for dinner and needing a great spot ... Italian? Sushi?
Need dinner for four near the Omni Hotel (676 North Michigan Avenue) to create an evening that will be long remembered. Hoping not to spend a fortune (<50/person would be nice).

Can any of you Chicagoan foodies help me earn kudos?
Thanks in advance!

Oct 26, 2007
pathgeek in Chicago Area

Brownies Three Ways

I think goodhealthgourmet must live near a city or a coast. After having done so for years, I've returned to the heartland. "Nasty baker's stuff" is sometimes the only option if the pantry isn't well stocked, the last drive to a city was months ago, or the internet-ordered shipment didn't arrive in time for the cookies required for tomorrows unplanned 5th grade function. Trader Joes is a 5 hour drive for some of us.
If goodhealthgourmet will qualify the statement, I'll agree.
Parenthetically-- my pantry is alsmot always stocked.

Oct 10, 2007
pathgeek in Features

2 nights, need dinner plans, near Tampa Airport

Thanks, Miss E-- you nailed it! I'd reviewed the Tampa board and decided that consensus wasn't quite reached. Thanks for your suggestions!

Sep 25, 2007
pathgeek in Florida

2 nights, need dinner plans, near Tampa Airport

Thanks, RibDog, for the suggestion!

Sep 25, 2007
pathgeek in Florida

2 nights, need dinner plans, near Tampa Airport

Will be in the area for 2 nights (staying at the Intercontinental Hotel on West Kennedy Blvd) and am without a car. Would like one night of fish/sushi and one night of something else "typically tampa". Awaiting suggestions! TIA

Sep 25, 2007
pathgeek in Florida

Philly Convention Center Eating Recommendations

Sang Kee Peking Duck House 238 N 9th St , (ChinaTown) for great duck.
Agree with VIetnam comments below
for Italian:
Mercato 1216 Spruce St
Salt and Pepper 746 S 6th St
Bronzino: 261 S 17th St,

Sep 06, 2007
pathgeek in Pennsylvania

Cheap Sushi in Philly

While not exactly cheap, Kisso is excellent quality and not expensive.

Sep 06, 2007
pathgeek in Pennsylvania

Unforgettable Tenth Anniversary Dinner recommendations in Philly??

While I would agree that the food at the Bec Fin is quite good, I've been less than impressed with the service.... Twice (on 2 different occasions), my dinner companion was corrected on his choice of order (are you SURE you want that?)... by waiters who mispronounced the French, were SLOWLY writing down the orders (for a table of 2), and brought the wrong entree to the table. Somehow I feel used tipping >18% on service on a hefty 5star bill when it doesn't meet the standard of many of the other restaurants in town. After all, the tip is for the service, right?
On the occasions where the service was good, it was admittedly fantastic.
I'd hesitate to go there for an event that one hopes is perfect.
So, while I agree that it's about the food, not the "wow".... I hope you don't find yourself thinking of alternative uses for the lobster press (on the waiter) if you have a bad experience with the staff.

Sep 06, 2007
pathgeek in Pennsylvania

New cast iron user, but what to use for tomato stews?

I've been using cast iron for everything... for years. Just try to maintain the patina-- don't overdo acids, soaps, etc.

Sep 06, 2007
pathgeek in Cookware

Tupperware That'll Get You Noticed

Has anyone else tried SnapWare?
Durable plastic, stackable, and the tops for different depth containers fit amongst the different sizes. Handy and very long-lived. I despise plastic for reasons stated clearly above-- this product is my capitulation for food storage, though.

Sep 06, 2007
pathgeek in Features

A Battle of the Finish

Do you think people eschew cast iron because it's heavy or because it's inexpensive? When a friend asked for my advice about a skillet, I suggested cast iron-- she decided I must have been mistaken, since (as we all know, said she) good cookware is costly. She spent $112 more on her non-stick than had she chosen something tried and true!

Sep 06, 2007
pathgeek in Features

Corned Beef in Iowa City?

Try the New Pioneer Coop... 2 locations-- one downtown and one in Coralville. They have very nice deli meats and the bread are baked on-site in Coralville (which doesn't necessarily mean anything-- but they have a great bakery. Not a bakery of the more common mid-western "white bread perfect for people without teeth" variety).

Omaha - Michael's (Mexican) in Old Market, disappointing

Laurels only.
Watery Margaritas, gooey tamales.
Proves that location trumps.
Sigh.... I'd suggest setting out on a new culinary adventure as a means of protecting some fond memories.

The Ultimate Veggie Burger

An egg is an egg. It carries one X chromosome.
It is not an embryo until fertilized.
Any opinions to the contrary are incorrect.

Most eggs are laid by hens (female) in tight cages. They live-- in conditions about which there will probably discussion after this post-- away from roosters (male).

The chances of an egg you buy in the store being an embryo are about as high as the likelihood of reason actually affecting anyone with a knee-jerk belief system/world view which allows relativization of definitions of things like egg, and embryo.

Aug 06, 2007
pathgeek in Features

Ungrateful Wretch

My understanding of the phenomenon: I think people are used to being served and not saying thank you. They routinely go out to eat and think nothing of having elaborate multicourse meals which required hours to prepare-- meals often eaten almost as if it were fast food. They leave a tip and walk away. Many of my guests would be incapable of boiling water if the microwave were unplugged.

Having everything available all the time without any real need to plan or invest (time/training/substantial $) has raised peoples expectations while lowering their sense of gratification.....and essentially zero-ing out the appreciation.

Having said that.... I think not showing appreciation is rude. [Just because I can't play the piano doesn't mean I don't appreciate the effort when I hear someone play well.] Not only do non-cooks not thank the effort, but they rarely invite back on an equal field (I cook, I pay, we go out to eat, I pay).

This was a source of frustration until I came to the following resolution: I only invite "people who cook" (foodies) for dinners I've prepared. I make plans to eat out with people who can't. It doesn't change the phenomenon but it sure keeps my gaskets from blowing.

Aug 01, 2007
pathgeek in Features

Where to go Friday night at midnight?

Thanks for the tip-- sounds like just what I was looking for!

Where to go Friday night at midnight?

Arriving in Montreal this evening at 11pm-- planning to arrive hungry. Will be staying at the Place d'Armes Hotel. Suggestions for a midnight (smallish) bite not too far away? Parenthetically, we'll be in town through Sunday and'd love any other suggestions. TIA

Dining for my 21st in Philly

Italian of moderate price and excellent food (but requiring reservation)--and BYO-- is L'Angolo. 15th and Porter, I believe. Amada, as suggested above, is a great idea. Ansill.... well.... if you like small plates (I think it's not the bang for the buck). For more money, go to Pif-- Ansill's first restaurant (French bistro, BYO) for a wonderful dinner (about $50/person).
If you like Sushi-- Kisso.

Jul 11, 2007
pathgeek in Pennsylvania