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Looking for Limburger Cheese in O.C.

I scored some at Trader Joe's before. Small package next to the blue cheeses. I love just about every stinky cheese I've tried but this one beat me :-D

Feb 04, 2010
matt7591 in Los Angeles Area

Chicago-Style Pizza in OC

Thank you all for your input. I went to Tony's and it was just what the doctor ordered!

I still recall almost 14 years ago going to the original Gino's East. Not having the slightest concept about such pizza, to me it was a dark restaurant with a cool vibe, like the writing on the wall, but I had no expectations. We ordered a pizza how I would typically like it, probably a sausage/pepperoni. After waiting 40 minutes, I was thinking.... when in Rome... However, when I got the pizza, the earth stood still. And I've been thinking about it ever since, contemptuously in some cases, such as when eating from Pizza Hut or Papa John's.

Fast forward to now and having seen too many foodie shows that feature Chicago style, the time has come.

I had no idea what to expect at Tony's. There are no photos on the web site. So I called to make a "reservation". Hint, there are no reservations. Order at the counter and they bring it. When I arrived, the place was hopping. Tables full, line almost out the door, beers being poured. The place was a almost a scene - very casual, but quite enjoyable. The various Chicago kitsch all over the walls was a nice touch. This place is from another time. Placentia has changed but this place reminds me of the great pizza places I remember from the '70s, where survival was by quality of product, and not a corporate design based on a cost structure.

I ordered the sausage deep dish for the family. Seeing the various pies about the place, if looks were a good indication, this was going to be very good. Unfortunately the wait was almost an hour. But sure enough, this work of art came out and it was a bubbly, gooey, crunchy bit of heaven. Now I can't say it's entirely Chi-town style. In fact, in some ways it was somewhat generic. But the combination of liberally portioned ingredients, perfectly cooked , soft in the middle/crunchy on the outside crust and just the right proportion of cheese to meat to sauce... ambrosia (not the stuff with marshmallows). For very good pizza, extremely casual/crowded atmosphere, this is enjoyable, and I will return soon!

Incidentally, I ordered a 4 pack of pizza from Lou Malnati. While the sauce had a great flavor and the pizza was overall good, I'd rate the pizza "a very good frozen food" and nothing more. There is no magic of Chicago pizza. The pizzas are 9" jobs and quite enough for two. It cooked up nice, but I'm glad you all pointed me to Tony's.

Thanks much!


Jan 12, 2010
matt7591 in Los Angeles Area

Chicago-Style Pizza in OC

Hi all, are there any pizzerias in OC that have a good Chicago style? Something that will instantly transport you to Pizzeria Uno or Gino's? BJ's doesn't quite cut it. I tried Selma's but it was just not there. I see Pizzeria Uno is in San Diego but I'd like a bit closer to home if poss.

What's your favorite Chicago-style pizza in OC? Best pizza I ever had in OC was Haus of Pizza in CM but I want some Chicago.


Jan 06, 2010
matt7591 in Los Angeles Area

Help Me Refind Chinese Restaurant / GG Park

Thank you so much, everybody. I believe Hing Lung is it and it's now defunct! I was afraid of that. Can't wait to get back up there again and find some new places! I envy those of you who live in the area :-)

Help Me Refind Chinese Restaurant / GG Park

That looks like a very good match. I do recall the building being older, something more original for the neighborhood. This one looks pretty modern. It definitely fits a lot of my description. Do you have any more info on the restaurant?

Help Me Refind Chinese Restaurant / GG Park

I'm trying to find a Chinese restaurant I have been to twice near Golden Gate Park. For a number of reasons, this is a very special restaurant but my last time in SF, I couldn't find it (2008). It might be out of business but maybe it's still there and someone will recognize by the description. Oddly, the 2nd time I was there I had found it just by driving around. I hope it's still there! Last time there was about 2000.


It's near the beach off of Lincoln or Irving (maybe down one of the numbered streets). It most definitely is parallel to Golden Gate Park. When I first went there about 1998, I recall my wife and I (she's from Hong Kong) going from near Sutro Baths, to Lincoln most likely, then looking for the first place that looked interesting. This was very convenient.

The restaurant:

First, it is authentic Chinese, with bi-lingual menu, authentic items like winter melon and huge fish tanks full of not only fish, crab and lobster, but also creatures that would make Bourdain and Zimmern proud. The clientele is mostly Chinese.

It's open late. It was just as busy at 11pm as one would think rush hour would be.

This one is key - they have their own parking lot, which holds maybe 20 cars. It's impossible to park in there, but it is there. I don't think many Chinese restaurants have their own parking lot in that area so that could be an easy giveaway.

I'm trying to use Google Earth to find but it's just futile. What I really want to do is replicate a place and time - probably a lot to ask. It was just a great moment, but not in a world class cuisine way, just a cool, authentic place.

Thanks for any tips!