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If I love borscht, what are other especially hearty soup recipes?

Thanks! I've made and pretty much mastered a good list of soups, but last night when I made borscht, I thought, wow: This gives me energy. Probably it's the iron and maybe B-vitamins, and who knows what else.

But anyhow, does anyone have suggestions for other hearty and interesting soups? I do eat meat, although veg recipes are also fine. I think my favorite flavors are from the Middle East (Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, etc.) and Eastern Europe/Russia.


Dec 29, 2009
storychew in Home Cooking

Who's your favorite food writer in Texas?

Allison Cook, especially when she was at Houston Press.

But also, Robb Walsh.

Both of them love food in all its forms, they know their stuff, and they tell a good story. For what it's worth, both have also written for national food mags.

Sep 15, 2009
storychew in Texas