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The 10 College Towns with the Worst Food

You put Holland, MI on here? Wow...I spent a week there and found it to have some of the best food of any city I've visited of this size...most restaurants downtown have excellent craft brew selections (many ONLY serve craft brews) and a number of places serve locally sourced foods.

Dec 19, 2011
cpfoutz in Features

Food recommendations for a first time visitor

Thanks to everyone who responded...while we didn't do many of the recommendations on here, it gave me great ideas to start doing searches and narrowing down what I want. Here's a report of what we did....

Thanks to all of you for your advice....

Here's what I did and our thoughts for future travellers:

- Wed night - started on Bourbon Street then went to dinner with a buddy in the Garden District. We were a bit too drunk to remember how good the food was or the name of the place. Then went to Bulldog, which we enjoyed IMMENSELY!!!

Thurs lunch - Cooter Browns - Best. Shrimp. Ever. cheap oysters, great seafood sandwich and a huge beer list to boot. The only bad part of our experiance was an entitled cashier who yelled at us for not leaving a tip in his tip jar. Do we now have to tip cashier's at McDonalds????? What he does is no different.

Thurs. Dinner - Coops - Jambalaya was perfectly spiced but a little overcooked. I'd believe this is the best Jambalaya you can get in a restauraunt and it was good. Just don't think Jambalaya is my thing.

Fri. lunch - Mr. B's - BBQ Shrimp was one of the best meals I've had in my life and those 1.50 drinks helped us nurse our hangover from the night before. I dind't do enough looking into this one so I'll let you learn from our mistake...Mr. Bs is not a casual dining place...dress appropriately. The staff was very gracious despite our not-so-up-to-par dress.

Fri. dinner - Deanies - Portion sizes are HUGE!!!! We were disappointed by the lack of in season seafood and were disappointed it wasn't worthwhile to do the seafood boil...I knew crawfish were out of season but expected crab, the server said we are in the middle of a lull and the bodies are undeveloped. Potatoes were great. Got fried shrimp and oysters...good but certainly not memorable. Cooter Brown beat them hands down.

Thanks to all on this board who provided their insights...I won big points with my buddies for making sure we were fed well!!!

Sep 28, 2009
cpfoutz in New Orleans

Food recommendations for a first time visitor

Thanks for the GREAT recommendations....I'll do some more research and narrow it down.

Casino is out...I kind of figured that. Never really done the casino thing and figured it would either be great or completely horrible.

Buffets are out too..I just remember as a kid always travelling to the seaside and finding great seafood buffets. For some reason, I thought if there was a good seafood buffet it'd be in a city like NOLA...but mybe I just need to resign myself to the fact that as a kid all you can eat is good, but here really are no good buffets :-)

A bit more about our travel...going with a couple 30 something friends going for 3-4 days. It's our first time and we're planning to leave the FQ, but not looking to run all over the city...probably a couple focused jaunts outside the FQ area. We're all very street savvy being Chicago natives. All of us are drinkers... True budget is really open, but looking for good values.

Sep 15, 2009
cpfoutz in New Orleans

Food recommendations for a first time visitor

Going to NOLA in a little over a week. I searched for a few of these topics but wasn't finding what I was looking for.

We'll be staying in the French Quarter, looking to venture out some, but it's our first trip so not looking to go too far afield

I love seafood...and when I get it fresh I'm a pig. I don't like anything fancy...just simple preparations where the meat stands on it's own.

Wanted to get your opinions on the following:

1) Good places for plain ole, cheap shellfish - crawfish, shrimp, oysters, maybe some lobster or crab etc. Could be boiled, could be fried could be fresh...but I'm talking quick serve, simple, maybe even hole in the wall place.

2) Jambalaya...

3) For a non-seafood option - Crepes?

4) Nicer sit down place $20-$30 per plate before tax/tip/drinks...again classic seafood simple preparations with high quality ingredients

5) Cajun/Seafood buffets???

6) how is dining in the casino?

7) Place to buy fresh shellfish to take home...looking for good price/quality ratio

Sep 14, 2009
cpfoutz in New Orleans