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Absinthe cocktails?

Death in the Afternoon - 1.5 oz absinthe and 4 oz Champagne - Ernest Hemingway's creation. Adjust the ratio to your taste, and don't forget that most absinthes are 60 to 70 percent alcohol. At the moment we really like the St. George's that is made here in the bay area.

And we love the Corpse Reviver #2

Dec 30, 2009
AlchemistGeorge in Spirits

10 Raw Egg Cocktails

We love raw eggs in our drinks - the whites add a lovely foamy lightness. On your list we love Ramos Fizzes, Pisco Sours, and we've had some good times with Sloe Gin Fizzes (now that one can get real sloe gin).

And we are crazy about egg nog.

Dec 30, 2009
AlchemistGeorge in Features

Your Morning Cocktail

Great idea for a weekend or holiday, and a well made Ramos Fizz is a treat (especially if you can get someone else to make them!), its hard to imagine a crowd saying "no" to champagne cocktails (mimosa et. al) on a Sunday morning! While we love Corpse Revivers, (the #2) it is just a touch harder to imagine one first thing in the day.

[many of the comments remind me of a weekend I spent at a Japanese hotspring in Hokkaido in January where there was a can of beer on my breakfast tray.]

Dec 30, 2009
AlchemistGeorge in Features

Best Eggnog

There is a post on A Dash of Bitters pointing to an experiment at Rockefeller Institute showing that the alcohol in eggnog killed salmonella over time

<a href=" Eggnog: Safe or Not</a>

Dec 29, 2009
AlchemistGeorge in Recipes

Full Moon Punch

Laird's Applejack is widely available, Laird's bonded is noticably better and only slightly more expensive

Sep 16, 2009
AlchemistGeorge in Recipes

Knockout Punch

Unless Myers lemons are a great deal larger than I remember, I can't imagine that seven lemons will make 1 1/2 cups of juice ....

Sep 14, 2009
AlchemistGeorge in Recipes