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Osaka - Koyoshi Sushi (where Bourdain had Sushi in Osaka on No Reservations!!!) - Perceptor's Photo Report

great photos, thanks very much for sharing the name and details of this restaurant. we'll be visiting Osaka later this summer.

Jul 05, 2010
miasm in Japan

Top 3 Hot Dogs

To jump on the bandwagon, I concur completely that Hot Doug's is the best hot dog in Chicago, and perhaps in the world. Further, it's really important that it's Vienna beef, don't accept anything else! Since most places use that brand, you're a good bet to get a good dog at many places, but a few do better preparation and have fresher ingredients than others.

Here's my top 3:

Hot Doug's
Cooker's (in Northbrook)

Sep 14, 2009
miasm in Chicago Area

Madison, Wisconsin

Just a few of my personal favorites:

Italian - Lombardino's

Japanese - Takumi

BBQ - Smoky Jon's (which has won best BBQ at the national contest 6 years in a row)

Bistro - Sardine

Burger - Dotty's Dumpling Dowry

Barfood - Great Dane or Weary Traveler

Thai - Sa Ba Thong or Ha Long Bay

Burrito - El Pastor

Slice - Ian's

Whole Pizza - Pavlov's

Brick Oven Pizza - Pizza Brutta

Fries - Brasserie V (also best for beer)

Place to Hang - Union Terrace

Sep 13, 2009
miasm in Great Lakes

Best Steak in Chicago?

This is a good question and there seem to be quite a few quality answers here. I'd qualify the parameters of the question a bit, though, and argue that the 'best' steak in town really depends on a lot of factors including (and especially) what kind of steak you're ordering, what day of the week you're eating, how you want your steak prepared, and what (if any) sauces you'd want with your steak. The best bone-in ribeye I've had in town is actually at Pete Miller's in Evanston. The best T-Bone at Keefer's, and the best strip at Gene and Georgetti's. Gibson's is consistently good. Tramonto's has an absurdly large, good, and expensive steak if you're far enough north and west to end up in Wheeling, and the best sauce again goes to Keefer's, who incidentally offers your choice of fine sauce free with every steak. I admit that I haven't yet been to David Burke's, and look forward to trying a long-term salt aged steak, but I've been to most of the Chicago 'classics', and found that no specific steakhouse is the monolithic 'best', but that each of the notables has their own strenghs. Anyone agree/disagree or have anything to add about specific specialties per steakhouse?

Sep 13, 2009
miasm in Chicago Area