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best (east)Bay Area joint for a first date

So we've all got the usual dress and impress, wine, dine, sip and shine routine. What's yours? Where do you take that guy or gal to, or where have you been swept off to before?
And we're talking first dates, not your anniversary dinner. East Bay or otherwise.

(i.e. I have a first date tonight and have no idea where to take her, shit.)

where should I eat dinner tonight (in the Mission...)

Meeting a friend in the Mission for dindin.
Tired of burritos and curries.
Not too expensive.

Where should we eat?

Family foods I thought was normal

jelly-filled omelettes.
S.O.S. (Shit On Shingles).
chicken gravy on pancakes, plus maple syrup.
cabbage pancakes with soy sauce.
coffee-Cokes with plenty of half&half.
frosting toast!
curried fruit every thanksgiving.

Nov 22, 2009
bathtubninja in General Topics

culinary arts degrees in Spain?

Anyone know of good culinary arts schools in Spain? Other than Cordon Bleu?
I've heard a bit about IEdeG, but unclear to what extent it is a culinary degree program, if at all...
Anywho let me know if you know something, thanks.

Nov 02, 2009
bathtubninja in Spain/Portugal

best donuts in Berkeley?

i want a good old-fashioned.
where to crew?

good coffee would be a big plus too.