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Washington, D.C. restaurants with kids?

Shows you how much I get out these days.

Washington, D.C. restaurants with kids?

Babay is a nice new-style Vietnamese restaurant on Capitol Hill. If your kids like Vietnamese food, they are kid friendly - don't expect a kids menu with chicken fingers and fries though.

Most restaurants on the hill are "kid friendly" because they have no choice with the number of kids living in the area.

Downtown DC - cheap eats, no car, toddler in tow...a recipe for disaster?

I go to the market pretty much every weekend with my 11 month old. Sometimes she sleeps right through it, other times she looks around at all the people. She loves it!

That being said, waiting in line for Market Lunch on a Saturday is a little crazy in my opinion with or without kids. Try the market on Friday if you're around. It's closed on Mondays though. It's not too bad getting a hot dog/half smoke/etc from Union Meat on the weekend though.

Market Lunch
225 7th St SE Ste 12, Washington, DC 20003

Fishers & Farmers (nee Agraria) in G'town

I held a group function there for work a few weeks back. I ate lunch there when shopping around for a location...

We really only tasted the items that were on the private dining menu. We got the table-side guacamole, crab dip, salmon (cowboy style with cilantro butter), and goat cheese ravioli. It was all good, my dining partner loved the cowboy style preparation with the cilantro butter. I would have liked the guacamole to have a bit more kick, but they made it table-side, so I would ask for a bit more jalapeno next time. Goat cheese ravioli was good, but you have to really love goat cheese. By ravioli #3 I was ready to eat the rest of the guac as my meal.

Our lunch came out to almost $70. Thankfully they comp'd it for us since we were holding our dinner there.

As for the private dining part, the room was fantastic for our purposes and I had no complaints about the food. And at $37/pp it was a bargain for the location.

Visiting the Maine Ave. wharf

Crabs can be bought by the dozen, half bushel and bushel. Prices vary wildly based on season, but are pretty consistent across the different vendors. I'm not sure why they don't list prices - I've never found anyone who was amenable to haggling. I was over there a couple weeks ago and they wanted $200+ for a bushel of large females. I suspect the crazy high prices were a factor of supply and demand as they only had females left and it was the first warm weekend of the spring.

They will steam just about anything for you as well as cooking fish, although I haven't tried that yet. Weekend evenings tend to be pretty crowded and the lines for getting your food cooked are the longest.

The covered eating area is fairly new, but it's a good addition. You have to get your utensils and napkins where you get your food - I don't remember seeing anything but wooden tables in the eating area.

Last year they had a DJ pumping out music on Saturday nights. It was a little strange, but there was a great mix of people eating and enjoying.

I have been to a seafood market in Jessup in my youth. It was more of a wholesale district and certain wholesalers allowed the public in. Definitely not a place to go on a Saturday night for your crab fix.

Halal cart food?

There's a Metro Halal cart in Rosslyn, as well, in front of 1100 Wilson Blvd (under the big tv screen) - but that's not closer to Falls Church/Vienna. What I can say is that he's normally still out there when I leave from work at 5pm, so you could maybe get dinner after work...

Where to Buy Vanilla Beans?

I see them at World Market and think - wow, those are really cheap. Then when I need one I go to Safeway and spend $11 on two in the McCormick jar.

Business Dinner Recommendations - DC, Arlington

Old Ebbitt might work. Lots of people from out of town so they will enjoy the location at least. I may end up eating my $40 worth at the oyster bar.

I'll call Ray's but I have never heard of them doing groups.

I will probably end up with 30-40 people, but unfortunately it's one of those things that everyone RSVP's yes to until something comes up at the last minute. Best part of that is that I can still get away with $40x50.

Thanks for the ideas!


Business Dinner Recommendations - DC, Arlington

up to and including downtown...

Business Dinner Recommendations - DC, Arlington

I'm planning a business dinner for around 50 people and am looking for recommendations. I will need a private room - preferably one that can be set up for a speaker.

Budget is around $40 per person, which is pretty limiting.

We will be coming from Rosslyn, so anywhere from Rosslyn to Downtown is fine.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 2009 Season?

The CSA we belong to delivers into Capitol Hill but allows pickup at their farm in Upper Marlboro...

I Misjudged Obama-He's Got Soul

I fully agree. "Obligatory" implies that there is an "obligation" on the part of the President to eat obligation that Bush must have ignored.

Pulled Pork?

Bubba's BBQ in Merrifield sells their pulled pork by the pound. No sauce is applied. I work down the street and it's one of the regular catering restaurants we use for lunch meetings.

Places near the Jammin' Java on Maple in Vienna

Sushi Yama is supposed to be really good. 328 Maple Ave, close to Maple Ave (123) and Nutley St. I've still never been, but I'm sure others can chime in.

ethnic lunch buffet recs for Tysons Corner, VA?

It has a buffet? I may have to try that.

Looking for a GOOD seafood market

Only place I've seen live shrimp in a tank (other than the aquarium stores) would be at an asian grocery store - and it's not always there.

Definitely check them out, I work right by Great Wall in Merrifield and I've seen some very interesting stuff in there, all looking pretty fresh.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

I recently had pork ribs from a truck at the DC Farmer's Market (Saturdays in one of the RFK Stadium parking lots.) The spicy sauce was good (homemade), but the ribs were a little charred for my taste. I will try them again though, may have been a one time occurrence.

I also had some good beef ribs from a guy with a smoker parked down by the Maine Ave fish market. It was the morning of July 4th and I was picking up a bushel of crabs...I don't know if he's there regularly. They were really good. He sold them dry but offered some store bought BBQ sauce if desired.

Growlers in DC

Never heard of anything in DC. I get mine filled at Sweetwater Tavern in Merrifield. Most are in the $10-$15 range, which I consider a pretty good deal.

Also, Shenandoah Brewing Co in Alexandria fills all growlers. They have a good selection of beers brewed on premises - or you can brew your own and fill the growlers.

What is the WORST meal experience you've had in DC?

Not the worst meal by far, but certainly the most disappointing - Morton's in G'Town for our anniversary. Was served a lukewarm, raw baked potato (their specialty, right?) when I sent it back they said it would be at least 20 minutes for a new potato and asked if I wanted something while I waited. They brought me the hash brown/potato pancake/whatever they call it. Never got the baked potato, but got both the baked potato and the hash browns on the bill.

Funny thing was, Tony Kukoc (the basketball player) was sitting across from us and was served what seemed like a cooked potato between the time I sent mine back and got the hash browns.

Steak was fine, but I'll go elsewhere for the rest of my life...Plenty of options in that category.

On site BBQ for firm picnic!

These guys did our company BBQ on site. I don't remember much about the food, except that we didn't order enough, no complaints about the quality. I do remember coming in to work that morning at 8:30 and smelling all the food cooking. In fact, that's probably why more people came than expected - the smell was irresistible.

Sushi Grade Salmon and Tuna in DC?

I was at the new Harris Teeter on Captiol Hill the other night and they had "Sashimi Grade" tuna, for what it is worth. I don't know about salmon, that's a little trickier.

I once had a chef at the sushi restaurant @ National Airport tell me that the best place to get it was the Maine Ave market, but to make sure to ask for sushi grade-it won't be sitting on ice out in the sun. It should come from the back.

Living in Tysons Corner area...where to eat

I lived in Tyson's for a few years - right down the street from the Rotunda. I agree with Eric in that we mostly ate out in McLean. While the food was not terribly memorable, I always appreciated the lack of chain restaurants. Moby Dick's was a great standby.

I never actually ate there, but was always intrigued by eCitie Restaurant and Bar. I guess it was big during the 90's tech boom - seemed like a relic of that era the few times I was there. Anyone been lately? Is it still there?

The real standby for me was the Besta Pizza. It's on Tyco Rd and they had a carryout special for a large pizza for $7 or so. I think the number is still in my phone.

Locanda recently?

Cafe 8 had quite a few vegetarian friendly options. Food was good and service was a little less than good, but it's a nice alternative to have in the area. I can't really call it Mediterranean - Turkish or Middle Eastern almost.

Pho Golden Cow coming to Bailey's

Across Rt. 50 from Loehmann's Plaza in Falls Church/Merrifield. Same shopping center as Harvest Moon.

what restaurants offer free birthday stuff that's worth it?

Didn't The Palm used to do a 3-lb birthday lobster? You had to be a member of their 837 club which costs $25 but comes with a $25 gift certificate.

make my date ... Locanda or Sonoma?

Sonoma has a great atmosphere, food is good. It was restaurant week when we went so it was crowded. I imagine that loud is fairly normal in there on a Friday night. Maybe no worse than the house of a toddler. Overall, a good place for a date night.

I haven't been to Locanda, but I hear it's good :)

There's always Charlie Palmer's.

As for Montmartre, I don't normally think of French cooking as vegetarian friendly - even if you eat fish...but otherwise it's a nice date place on the hill.

I wouldn't settle for Old Siam on this occasion, since it's also a pretty heavy take-out restaurant, you could get that food any time.

Eastern Market

This is the email that was sent out last December:

"It is with disappointment and sadness that Agora Farms will temporarily cease operations at the historic Eastern Market until the reopening of 7th Street, effective December 30, 2007."

Where to get your Knife professionally sharpened?

Union Meat @ Eastern Market does knife sharpening.

new to capital hill

First things first, if you're going to live here, you should know that it's "Capitol" not "Capital". I wouldn't correct you if you were a tourist...

Now that the spelling lesson is over, good restaurants not mentioned are White Tiger for Indian on Mass Ave, Ugly Mug has some good bar food on 8th St. If you have a morning/early afternoon hankering for breakfast, Pete's Diner, next to Le Bon Cafe works pretty well.

For high end - Charlie Palmer's, excellent food. Also if you like seeing famous people, or at least pictures of famous people, try Monocle.

all you can drink mimosa/bloody mary brunches?

At Banana Cafe on 8th street in Capitol Hill you can add unlimited mimosas to their Sunday brunch for $4. Brunch is buffet style. The one time I went there they came around with pitchers and refilled drinks often. So often, in fact, that they ran out of champagne and allowed me to order any drink I wanted.

I think other places on 8th street have all you can drink with their brunch, too. Finn macCool's advertises bottomless bloody mary or mimosas for $10 on Sat and Sun 11-3.