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Rockland County chow?

I agree that Vietnam is very good. Not the best Vietnamese I've been to (in NYC and Houston) , but it really hits the spot. I like their clay pot fish, and papaya salads (particularly the one with crispy anchovies).

The one qualm is that often the spring rolls seems to have been made a while in advance and stored in the fridge. They need to be at room temp...

I Love Living in Houston!

I live in NY, and travel to Houston frequently on business, and I've searched for good BBQ in Houston. Pierson's is hands down the best. I hope his success doesn't ruin him! The Houston Press had an article a couple of years ago about how he does it...

Sep 26, 2010
gromada in Houston

Big fatty meat- Best BBQ in Houston

Pierson and Company on TC Jester is by far the best BBQ I have ever had in Houston (or anywhere else for that matter) It is a bit out of the way, but believe me it is worth the trip. As a bonus, these are probably the friendliest people you will ever meet. One caveat though- after eating their brisket, you will never be satisfied with run of the mill BBQ again.

Sep 25, 2010
gromada in Houston

Mom Needs Help Cooking for Vegetarian Teen!

Marcella Hazan has some excellent soups that would fit the bill if you change the stock to vegetable stock. One is a chick pea and tomato soup with garlic and rosemary- very simple, and extremely tasty; my two young daughters love it. Also pasta e fagioli... excellent. As a rule, we have vegetarian days every other day, and these two recipes are often a part of our meatless days. There are also some great Indian lentil dishes- lentils with ginger and garlic, or simple lentil soups that are very satisfying

Sep 25, 2010
gromada in Home Cooking

New BBQ in Houston: Pierson and Co.

Just went to Pierson and Co tonight for the first time and had a religious experience- clearly the best barbeque in Houston, and for that matter it's the best I've had in Texas. Ribs were incredible- tender and meaty, amazing smoke flavor. Next best: brisket and sausage. Great sauce - complex but not overwhelming. The bread pudding alone is worth a drive there.

Plus the people are just about the friendliest you'll meet. If it's your first time, they give you a sizable sampler. I showed up with just my Amex card (website said they took it) but when I tried to pay they said they no longer accepted it. Clarence, the owner told me just to eat my meal and pay him "next time". I said I'd go to a cash machine and get some cash before being served, and they said, "don't be crazy, your food will be cold- sit down and eat first" I finished my incredible meal, and then drove off to get some cash. When I returned, Clarence proudly gave me a tour of the premises, showing me the smoker, and the brisket he was putting in to cook overnight. These people really enjoy what they do- and the results show.

Upon leaving I got a friendly fist bump, and a warm goodbye...

Oct 01, 2009
gromada in Houston

Houston for two days - What should I not miss?

Here are some cheaper places not to miss- but require a car:
Thelma's BBQ (very close to downtown). Vieng Thai (best Thai I've had anywhere in this country). For great inexpensive mexican breakfast, Teotihuacan.

Definitely don't miss Hugo's

Sep 27, 2009
gromada in Houston