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Cafe Mirage ... I'm worried

Really good food, but I think the economy has taken its toll on Cafe Mirage, and Tarry Lodge has just destroyed restaurants in the area even the all mighty Willet House has taken a hit. We go to support it and enjoy the food just that the menu has to be updated, still love going there but they are not open as late as they used to be which was great after stepping out for the evening.

Nessa - Port Chester

Well its been 6 months and they are still in business, and I must say that I never exprienced any hostile waiters or waitresses at Nessa. Always had a pleasant time alwaysand great food . Is it expensive? Yes....but this isn't Olive Garden.

How is Patrias in PC under new ownership?

How sad, I remember 2 years when I went, there was wait to get a table it was packed, and the food was great! I passed by last Saturday night and the staff was watching TV with no one in the place. What happened in two years?