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Hotpot - Chimney pot What fuel to use?

Thanks to both of you for good ideas. Definitely will looking into trying one or both of them. I'm used to using fondue, family grew up cooking around those and have had lots of experience with grilling charcoal. Our area does have hookah bars so might try looking around for that. Thanks.

Dec 19, 2011
CookingCajun in Cookware

Hotpot - Chimney pot What fuel to use?

I recently picked up a hotpot and am trying to figure how to find the recommended fuel for it. The one I have is made by Seagull in Thailand, 22 cm, and states "charocoal / wax". I've used and still use fondues but always wanted a hotpot with a central chimney. The attached photo is the closest to my pot, except my does not come with a chimney lid. The pot on mine is fused by design to the ringlike base. There is a metal "cup" with a open ring top not unlike the burner that comes with fondue pots. The fuel cup is open I expect to insert small pieces of some type of coal or maybe a cup of some kind of wax fuel. I'm going to try my alcohol burner from the fondue in it this weekend. One of the two local Asian grocers is from Japan, she had small hunks of Japanese coal, that would have to be broken up considerably to fit through the base opening of my pot. May try the other grocer this weekend.

Any tips and or recipes, experiences you have with any kind of hot pot that uses burning fuel?


Dec 17, 2011
CookingCajun in Cookware

Best Fried-Chicken?

Aloha Bill,

How's the Alamo Chicken recipe search going? I stopped at a chicken place today just because of you. Just ran across it while looking for a farmer's market in Plant City, Florida. Red golden crust, not bready, not thick, a little greasy but really good. The breading had many crispy bits even when cold. Might just be worth a trip.

Aug 06, 2011
CookingCajun in Home Cooking

Best Fried-Chicken?

We have been discussing Alamo Fried Chicken at "Old Biloxi Recipes", lots of people remember eathing there Bill. No one seems to have relevant info towards a recipe. I keep the topic alive from time to time though.

Nov 06, 2010
CookingCajun in Home Cooking

Ebinger's Blackout Cake Recipe in Cooks Country Magazine

I greatly enjoy learning about foods, recipes and memories of folks who enjoyed "the real thing" as in the case of Blackout Cake.

I understand your frustration in finding this recipe. I was researching Biloxi restaurant recipes (long gone favorite restaurants) when I came across a thread at Chowhound about Alamo Chicken. There's a fella that's been trying for a LONG time to come up with a facsimile to the original fried chicken recipe from Alamo Chicken in Biloxi. The quest has gotten me wanting the recipe to try it myself.

Like you guys and the Blackout Cake recipe (to which now I'M INTRIGUED as well), there are those who believe that there are folks out there who have the original batter mix recipe for Alamo Chicken. While descendants of the Ebingers may have the Blackout Cake recipe, Alamo Chicken may have had their chicken batter prepared as a dry mix outside of the restaurant and brought in to protect the recipe. At least this is what I read at the Chow thread about Alamo.

I wish you the best in your search, I'll lookiup the Gale Gand recipe for my research (on regional cooking).

Jul 02, 2010
CookingCajun in Home Cooking

What makes a good clam pizza?

Appreciate the information on the lemons. I don't have in my subconscience memories of knowledge of grilled lemons either. But it sounds good and your information was very educational. I'm working on a regional recipes project. Clam pizza sounds perfect for my next project.

Its helpful to know about the fresh clams as well. I do imagine that if all one can get is pre-"shucked" or canned, then one would want to use cheese, tomato (as I've seen in some recipes) or a cream sauce. You know? Might be better for me to sub fresh oysters, I can get them here.

While I don't take your "unthinkable" comment as offensive, you an always treat someone's comments (if they appear "uninitiated to the ways of your area/cuisine, as a GREAT opportunity to teach something wonderfully tasty.

Who knows, one day you may encounter a technique or ingredient you've not heard of. I'm sure you will enjoy picking up new tips yourself. :-)

Feb 21, 2010
CookingCajun in General Topics

Best Fried-Chicken?

Aloha Bill,

any new developments with your Alamo Chicken recipe? Any word on the folks who may have the restaurant seasoning/batter recipe?

Feb 19, 2010
CookingCajun in Home Cooking

Best Fried-Chicken?

Aloha Bill,

I've read your discussion with interest as I am researching recipes from old(er) Biloxi restaurants. My queries to the Sun Herald have sparked a fairly consistent dialogue in the past few months about either old Biloxi local's recipes or old Gulf Coast restaurant recipes. Perhaps you or your readers may appeal to S.H. readers for assistance.

I wanted to query you based on some of the ideas you received from other CH members.

CORNSTARTCH- HAVE you specifically tried the cornstarch component in your batter? I grew up in the South, but lived in Hawaii (Big Island) for about 5 years. I've had the Karaage or Asian style fried chicken and it does give a smooth batter. (recipe here sounds great, not far from what I ate in Hilo). It would be interesting if these folks had come across cornstarch in the 1950s as a frying ingredient back then (of course, then there is rice flour....). While this may not have been in the original secret Long Beach dredging mix, it might be a helpful adjunct to the....

CORNFLOUR- What have been the results of this as a dredging ingredient if you've tried it? Perhaps a mixture of this with flour and cornstarch plus the spices of.....

PAPRIKA, BLACK PEPPER, ETC. AND/OR LAWRYS SEASONING SALT- you went to some lengths to describe the chicken (alas although I've been to Biloxi alot, my family's from there, I was born 2 years after Alamo sold). After all of your adventerous experiments, can you provide any additional insight to the flavors of trhe spices? Have the abovementioned spices/mixes been of any help? Have other spices put you in the right direction?

BUTTERMILK, WHEY, SALT, ICE WATER- my husband and I discussed the whey component as it is a byproduct of a Hungarian desert his mother used to make. He didn't seem to think the presence or absence of whey would make a major different. But has ice water and or buttermilk made a positive effect on your efforts?

RESTING THE BATTERED CHICKEN, FRYING CHICKEN TWICE- have either of these methods improved browning?

PEANUT OIL - have you found an oil that has performed better than others in crisping the chicken?

As a food enthusiast, and maintaining a 70 lb weight loss, I am intrigued by your search and have planned in incorporate some of the suggestions in my Low Carb regimen. You might be surprised at what I've been able to finagle on a low carb way of eating ;-


Awaiting your updates with bated breath......


ps Ladner's Fisherman's Wharf, I don't know about that name, but I understand there's been a Fishermans Wharf in Biloxi, famous for some pie that no one can get the recipe for.

Sep 12, 2009
CookingCajun in Home Cooking