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knife sharpening in Austin?

The old guy is a pretty Bizarre guy. He will sharpen you knife. He also published a vanity book about religion where he refers to himself as a prophet. I got to listed to his views on Satan, Organized Religion, and large breasts all while waiting for my knives to be sharpened.

Jun 22, 2010
SpencerCFord in Austin

Where can I buy Semi Boneless Quail in Austin

I am going to make an apple, cranberry and wild rice stuffed quail for Christmas appetizer. I need a Semi Boneless quail. I have checked at Taylor meat market and a Longhorn meats. Neither of them carry quail anymore. MT Market on Lamar has quail but it still has the heads and feet on not to mention the rest of the bones.

I want to avoid central market because they will be expensive as hell. Any suggestions?

Dec 02, 2009
SpencerCFord in Austin

Seeking sesos (brains)

I think they are no longer available because of Mad cow disease. If you do find them, I would be lerry. They are probably not coming from a legitmate meat distributor. You would pretty much just have to go to Mexico to find this

Sep 12, 2009
SpencerCFord in Austin