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Best stuck-in-the-past restaurants?

My husband and I were in SF a few years ago. We stayed at The Drake and they referred us to a GREAT restaurant. I CANT'T REMEMBER THE NAME. "old", dark, stone floors....The veal osso buco was to die for. And the view - a row of houses then the bay. It was pricey but we'd like to return. I think it' between Broadway and North Point Street. Help please!

Omaha Steaks

Today's Special at Omaha Steaks:
6 (6 oz.) Bacon-Wrapped Filets - Reg. $99.99 - Now Only $59.99
6 steaks X 6 ounces each = 36 ounces of meat (30 ounces of filet / 6 ounces of bacon)
$99.99 / 36 ounces = $2.7775 per ounce X 16 ounces per pound = $44.44 PER POUND
MEAT at $44.44 PER POUND!!
AND nothing they sell is USDA Choice

Sep 11, 2009
jnelson29 in General Topics

Palm Springs food finds ....

Four "foodies" and we spent 5 days in PS. We stayed at the Holiday in and every restaurant we sampled was less than 5-miles away.
You are right!
--Sherman's cabbage soup is GREAT but ….
--Manhattan In The Desert: The Hot Pastrami Sandwich is better than Sherman's (as are the desserts)
--Matchbox Pizza/Bistro – the BEST calamari I have ever eaten.
--El Miraso – Mexican
--Al Dente – my meal was good; my friends were less happy
--Roscoe Grill – several people referred us to this place and all suggested the fried chicken. They were out of fried chicken. What we had a so-so and the service lacking.
--Fisherman's Grill - visit their other restaurant SHANGHAI REDS right behind Fisherman's Grill. GREAT atmospher, food and prices!

Sep 11, 2009
jnelson29 in California

Zapatos Nuevos

I found this similar recipe in a magazine this summer. I made them weekly (by the jug). Living on a golf course, this allowed me to always has something for drop-by quests. I used vodka; too many people don't like tequila.

Watermelon Mint Cooler

18 ounces watermelon juice (4 cups seedless watermelon chunks/1 pound)
12 ounces lemonade
Juice of 1 lime (optional)
¼ to ½ cup fresh mint leaves – put in blender with watermelon (optional but do add flavor)
½ cup vodka or tequila

Puree the watermelon; strain retaining juice.
Mix: watermelon juice, lemonade, mint and liquor. Chill and serve over ice.

Sep 11, 2009
jnelson29 in Recipes