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RIP: Caucus Club [DTW]

"Also, while the federal courts are down there, so many of the Metro attorneys are no longer in offices right around Caucus. You want to see high profile lawyers winding down, head to the nicer places on Northwestern Hwy, north Woodward, Capitol Grille, etc."

That seems sad, somehow. A restaurant on Northwestern just isn't the same as an old-school diner/restaurant in an old building downtown.

Oct 05, 2012
Jimmytrout in Great Lakes

Detroit Restaurant Week September 18-27, 2009

I think the Atlas menu looks the most interesting. I'm looking forward to trying that out. But since I'm new to Detroit I don't know one restaurant from another ... I'm going purely by the menus and what you all say. This should be a great opportunity to learn a bit about the city though!