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The Beach is a culinary wasteland.

We had dinner at the "chef's table" last night. It was fabulous. Highly recommended. We just gave the green light to the Chef to prepare us food. At the end of the meal we had 6 courses including Mushroom soup, scallops, goose liver, duck breast, cheese and dessert. I am really paraphrasing the preparation and downplaying the dishes. The chef was in constant communication about what we liked and didn't (but he was not obtrusive). He even asked if we'd like more dishes. We didn't as we were quite full. The dishes were well presented and flavourful. Service was attentive but not overbearing. I'm impressed and will definately go back.

My daughter (aged 15) even tried everything! She said it was the best steak she'd ever had.

1975 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L1J1, CA


Help me please. My daughter is turning 19 next week (that's not why I need help) and she wants a "dress up" dinner for her birthday. She wants to put on a dress and heels and go out with the family for a nice dinner in a nice restaurant. We looked at Brasai (menu too esoteric for teenager), canoe, top of the CN tower etc as possibilities. She liked the look and feel of Note Bene however when I was there I was unimpressed and I see reviews that it may have even downgraded since then.
I'm after a cool environment with great and varied menu. Suggestions are really appreciated.

Starbucks, corner of Gerrard and Jones - wow

Of course they're moving in. The Grinder is right across the street. Once a "local" coffee shop starts doing well, Starbucks tries to take over. Basically their mandate is to have the little guy do their market research for them. Anyways, it doesn't matter. If it's good for the area, its good for me.

The Burger's Priest - Queen and Coxwell

I don't see what all the fuss is about. My daughter and I have gone on the best burger in the Beach, Leslieville, Riverdale hunt and determined that The Burger's Priest is among the weakest in the bunch. The meat is flavourless and small. The value is not there and to top it all off it is cash only. No Interac. Sorry Chow Hounders, but I'll put my money and my burger loving self into the Burger Shoppe at Queen and Broadview any day or Great Burger Kitchen. If I really feel like having a good old fashioned (read unhealthy) burger I'll head to Dangerous Dan's. Yummy grease and monster portions.

Dangerous Dan's
714 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1H2, CA

Burger Shoppe
688 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1G9, CA

Great Burger Kitchen
1056 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Z8, CA

K-cups for Keurig Coffeemaker?

I've seen them at Canadian Tire, Future Shop, Best Buy, Loblaws, Metro, on Line, Timothy's stores, Sears, the Bay....

K-cups for Keurig Coffeemaker?

Basically you can buy KCups virtually anywhere these days.

More stocking/supply chain issues at Loblaw's - getting fed up - lame excuses - foil pans and tarragon !

I was just going to start my own rant when I stumbled across this one. In my area (upper beaches), I have the luxury of having several Grocery chains handy (Loblaws, Metro AND Sobeys). The Loblaws is definately the most handy for me but I need to stop going there. The reason...lack of availability on virtually all sale goods. It seems that the sale shelf is always empty (whether on Monday or end of week), but the ones beside it are always well stocked. Could there be a bait and switch happening here? My most recent example was an "in Store" special on fruit bars that the kids love. Regular $12 on for $8.50. Shelf empty. None in storeroom and the completely non-friendly staff at Vic Park and Gerrard wouldn't even grace me with a smile, hello or apology. They just said not available (2 different people). Guess what? No rainchecks either because it's an instore special. I'm moving all of my business to Sobeys. They may not have everything all of the time, but the store is clean and friendly.

Hot Dog Cook Off

17 hot dogs and 10 buns later I finally can get up to type!! Great bbq in a beautiful grassy area surrounded by Karaoke, it was a great time. Thanks to the organizers.

My personal favorites were the European Dogs (because of the great smoke flavour) and the Big Frank's/Beretta Farms (because they were different than the rest - Anise maybe??). The Stemmlers Ball Park and I think the Jumbo Franks were great too (junk food indulgent).

I discovered later that the salt/nitrate/msg?? combination causes amazing hot dog headache. But sooo worth it.