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SEEKING: Jamaican/Caribbean Restaurants - Markham/ Richmond Hill area

Organizing a group dinner for about 14 people and looking for a full service sit down restaurant. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated?

Jul 08, 2011
ms.b in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

best burgers in T.O.

RE: Grindhouse

It is one of the only places I have been to that actually makes the buns as well!

May 13, 2010
ms.b in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

best burgers in T.O.

IMO Best in T.O.
Grindhouse Burger Bar (King West )
Original Indian Motorcycle (Temperance)

Craft Burger & Gourmet Burger Company make mediocre attempts at being a "gourmet burger".

Big Smoke Burger
573 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M1, CA

Grindhouse Burger Bar
365 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K1, CA

May 06, 2010
ms.b in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Jerk in Mississauga?? (Square One area)

There are a number of Caribbean/ Jamaican restaurants or take out places in Mississauga, anyone have suggestions on who makes the best Jerk Chicken/Pork etc?

I used to frequent a place in northeast Mississauga - Mr. Jerk and they made great jerk, but I haven't found anywhere in other areas of Mississauga that have good jerk.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Please share

Jan 09, 2010
ms.b in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Freddy's Kitchen, Mississauga

Considering the amount of Caribbean restaurants in the core are of Mississauga, this is a nice hidden spot. I was a little reluctant when I got there are there was no posted menu and as per the standard in many take-out caribbean restaurants, food was not sitting in a steam table at the front of the restaurant. I ordered the Jerk Chicken dinner and was pleasantly surprised. The portion was generous (not just a heap of rice) and the food was very flavourful. If you are willing to try something different order the shrimp pasta dish. It is made to order, so it does take some time, but it is very good (spicy!).

The service was extremely friendly and courteous, which added value to the experience. When I went there, I saw at least 2 catering pick ups in addition to a number of regular take out orders, so they definitely have a following.

Jan 09, 2010
ms.b in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Southern BBQ in Mississauga! Blue Sage

I went to Blue Sage to eat and the food was great! Thanks Chow! I live close to this place and like others have passed it by on many occasions. BF and I were able to slip in there before they closed on a Thursday evening (believe they close at 9pm - but good to call to confirm). I thought I would share my experience!

The ribs were fall off the bone tender and not overly smoky in flabour which I liked. Pulled pork, was great and melted in my mouth. Unlike many places where I have had pulled pork, it was not dredged in sauce, which sometimes masks the true flavour of the meat. Meats were flavourful and tasty.

The sides were also top notch, The cornbead that had the right consistency. Definitely not dry or crumbly and you must try it with the maple butter. It was a nice mix of sweetness, but do not come across as too much like a dessert or cake-y. Sweet potato fries , baked beans and coleslaw were all good.!

If you are looking to try a couple of different things, I would highly recommend ordering on the platters (whether to eat on your own or share).

As a point of clarity regarding the wood chips, they do not use cedar wood, For those that have used wood for smoking, generally evergreen trees are not used for smoking because of a resin they emit. With this knowledge I posed the question as I believe that a previous post mentioned the use of cedar.

I will definitely be going back for the Prime Rib burger and the chilli. If you like real BBQ then this is def. the place for you to visit. I talked to the owner and it is someone that really has a passion for putting out quality stuff and is very knowledgeable. I had to stop my self from being forthright and asking if I could see the smoker!

Sep 11, 2009
ms.b in Ontario (inc. Toronto)