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Alvin and Friends-(NewRo)-A short review

Went there on a Friday night (1/31/2014) - nice vibe, responsive professional service, generally solid food. They now offer the cornbread muffins as a breadbasket (maybe they read Chowhound). No complaints, we'll be back at some point...

French Restaurant Recommendation

I'll second Bistro Rollin, too - La Grenouille it ain't, but it's very solid and pleasant.

Bistro Rollin
142 5th Ave, Pelham, NY 10803

Breakfast in So. Westchester - Larchmont, Pelham, New Rochelle, Bronxville, Mt. Vernon?

I think my quest is over - Eileen's Country Kitchen in Yonkers. See my review -

Oh, AJ's (recommended by Mary below) is very good for breakfast, too - cheap and kid friendly.

Eileen's Country Kitchen in Yonkers

Working from home this Friday so took my wife to Eileen's Country Kitchen on McLean Avenue in Yonkers for lunch - it's across the street from Butcher's Fancy, which I think has been covered elsewhere on these boards. There have been a handful of references to Eileen's here in the past and based on the generally positive reviews I decided to give it a try. It's right across the border from the Bronx, so about as Southern Westchester as you can get.

Great place - kitschy country decor, good grub, good prices. The soda bread provided for the table was great and the lunch specials were generous. The wife and I got the same thing, the Irish Beef Stew which was $8.95 and included a large bowl of soup (on a day like today, soup plus stew sounds like a great idea). Both were very good and very generous - beef was a bit tough but that comes with the stew territory. Coffee was good and was dutifully replenished. I won't be hungry for quite some time. We split a huge slice of apple pie for dessert - good crust, excellent filling.

I would come back here for lunch but really look forward to bringing the family (2 boys, 5 & 8) for breakfast. The brunch and breakfast menu looked great! I might have finally found a replacement for my Thruway Diner breakfast fix.

Street parking's a pain in the neck. The service is "Irish" which might put some people off - a bit perfunctory, but efficient. Highly recommended.

Eileen's Country Kitchen
964 McLean Ave, Yonkers, NY 10704

Places to pick your own apples

Second year we've gone to Prospect Hill - very happy. Low spay and IPM, great variety, super-dwarf trees overflowing with apples, really nice and a good pumpkin patch. Not much there beyond apples, as MisterBill2 notes, but otherwise good fun.

Pick your own Apples?

I second Prospect Hill - we've gone two years in a row now and had a great time. This is mostly apple picking - no carnival. There's a great variety of apples and they're DELICIOUS - they should have weighed my boys on the way in and out and charged me by the pound. It was $.75/lb, which is a good price. They're really nice and have a great pumpkin "patch" and a picnic area. Highly recommended! Low spray and IPM - not many of those around here.

Places to pick your own apples

I'll second Prospect Hill Orchards - we went this weekend and had a blast. The apples are awesome with very good variety on dwarf (<10') trees. They were charging $.75/lb, which is a good price and lets you pick as much as you need (some places make you buy a bushel bag. Very nice people running it and a lovely time.

Breakfast in So. Westchester - Larchmont, Pelham, New Rochelle, Bronxville, Mt. Vernon?

Thanks, WCH chowhounds - we'll go to AJ's tomorrow morning and report back. I'll have to try Stanz since laylag's recs have been good in the past. I'm also excited about the bagel recommendation.

Breakfast in So. Westchester - Larchmont, Pelham, New Rochelle, Bronxville, Mt. Vernon?

I'm still mourning the loss of the Thruway Diner. Soccer season is starting up and I'd love to establish a "breakfast tradition" before practice. Is there ANY place you would recommend in the area? I've combed through the obvious threads and haven't found anything suitable.

Larchmont Diner is only OK, Pelham Bay Diner is very uneven and expensive, the Pelham Cafe is dodgy. Anyone? Diner is preferred but "cafe" or other variants are welcome as well.