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Maybe they'll take plastic...

So does that mean you can confirm the address? Is it 1676 Lincoln?

Sep 24, 2009
simrit in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Yuki Bakery on Sherbrooke

Well they live in the building (it's a big appartment building), and they're there really early and leave really late, so I don't think they have any other facilities...

Sep 24, 2009
simrit in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Delirium Tremens (or finding quality alcohol outside the SAQ)


It's on the South Shore and has a huge selection of specialty beers that you won't find anywhere.

There's also the Metro grocery store on de l'Église in Verdun. It's a couple of blocks from de l'Église metro on the green line, so it's very easy to get to if you're a pedestrian like me.

Sep 22, 2009
simrit in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Yuki Bakery on Sherbrooke

I've lived upstairs from the bakery for over a year and in the neighbourhood for about 3 years and I've been going there all along.

They have excellent pastries (especially the lemon tarts) but pretty much everything is good. What's cool is they do the best bagels I've had (same style as St Viateur and Fairmount) and nothing beats fresh bagels close to home on a Sunday morning.

Their rye is also one of my favorites, but I like all of their breads (with one exception: I agree about the baguette).

They also make sandwiches, knishes, and other random snack food.
Oh and their cookies -- YUM. The coconut chocolate swirls are buttery magic and their gingerbread cookies are as tasty as they are pretty.

Bottom line: check it out.

P.S. Yuki is a very nice woman you may see running around. The guy who works there is her husband.

Sep 22, 2009
simrit in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Indian in Montreal.

I love Punjab Palace, and I've heard very good things about Ganges in NDG, but I can't believe no one has mentioned Kashmir on St Paul E (right before Place Jacques-Cartier).

The service is impeccable, the food is ridiculous and the prices are well worth it. If you look at the execution of simple dishes, like the butter chicken, you'll see exactly how good it can be. I've never had such a complex-tasting butter chicken in my life and I'm Indian.

The chaat is also to die for, as is the matter paneer and the anything vindaloo.

It's a clear winner in the Indian food department (and no, I am in no way affiliated with the restaurant, nor do I know anyone who works there).

P.S. They also do takeout.

Sep 10, 2009
simrit in Quebec (inc. Montreal)