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Authentc northern Italian pizza on the Gold Coast?

If it isn't too late...

Marios, really thin crust (corner of Dearborn & Goethe


Bricks Pizza, not as thin, but really good (1907 Lincoln)

Jan 15, 2011
Gfw in Chicago Area

Chicago Q - I wish I could review

Actually, I prefer Memphis or Carolina style where the sauce is added by the person eating and not by the cook which is the way that it is served at Chicago q.

I have had the pulled pork & Kobe beef sandwiches and both were really good - both served with a choice of sauces - mild, hot and Carolina style on the side. Wife likes the Carolina style and I prefer the mild - at any rate since it is added after, we get our choice.

I have also had the ribs and they were great - next time I'll try the competition style.

Only negative that I have found is the deserts - they definitely need improvement.

Btw... I live just around the corner and it is a great addition to the neighborhood and also very often very busy!

Oct 24, 2010
Gfw in Chicago Area

Fried Chicken

On a Sunday afternoon, try Table 52 - Art Smith's Buttermilk Fried Chicken is really good, but I think it is only served on Sunday after 4:30pm - 52 West Elm in the Gold Coast

Oct 24, 2009
Gfw in Chicago Area

Division St Farmers' Market?

May 03, 2009
Gfw in Chicago Area

Prosecco - Any reviews?

We had dinner at Prosecco about 2 weeks ago and it was great in terms of both food and service. We were walking down Wells to Zocollo and as we walked by Prosecco we stopped, looked at the menu and made a change in plans.

We met the owners - they even found us a table without reservations - we were early, but withing 30 minutes the place was packed.

We will go back.

Jun 01, 2008
Gfw in Chicago Area

Has anyone tried Sepia or Table Fifty-Two yet?

A Southern style desert made with pineapple, bananas and a few other ingredients. You can find a variety of recipes if you search Google for Hummingbird Cake.

Aug 22, 2007
Gfw in Chicago Area

Has anyone tried Sepia or Table Fifty-Two yet?

My wife and I had dinner at Table 52 the first weekend it was open. We loved it. The food was excellent, the presentation was perfect and the service was great. I had the filet and wife had fish on a plank which that night was halibut. For desert, try the Humming Bird cake.

The place had a kind of nice feeling – comfortable without being to formal. Best recommendation that I can give it is that is where my wife wanted to have dinner again on her birthday next month. Menu prices on entrees range from about $17 to $32. When we went it was still BYOB, but that may have changed in the last week. The night that we were there Art Smith was making the rounds making sure that everyone was happy.

Table 52, 52 West Elm, Chicago, IL 60610-2769 1-312-573-4000

Aug 21, 2007
Gfw in Chicago Area

Table 52

After a long wait, Art Smith's Table is open at 52 West Elm in the building previously occupied by Albert's. Whoever did the design did a great job, and the atmosphere was interesting - it was comfortable, a place they we will be going back to again in the near future. I wouldn't call it real expensive, but it also isn't your local neighborhood eatery. Right now it is also BYOB as they are awaiting their liquor license.

We arrived at 7:15pm and were promptly seated. Art was making the rounds and making sure that he tried to stop at each table.

The food was great. My wife had the "Fish on a Plank" which yesterday was Halibut which she said was really good. I had the filet which was cooked perfectly. With both the presentation was also very nice. For desert we had teh Hummingbird cake - very tasty!

Aug 04, 2007
Gfw in Chicago Area

Best Restaurants in Lincoln Park (defined as North to Diverey, Clark to Western)

Try Ricardo Tratoria - it is kind of loud, but the food is great. He used to be the chef at Bice Chicago and NY. Make sure you try the Sorbet for desert. Address is:

2119 North Clark Street
Chicago IL 60614-6186

BTW - Duke of Perth for lunch is jsut a few blocks up the street - 2913 North Clark Street - great burgers and fish/chips.

Jun 06, 2007
Gfw in Chicago Area

Gold Coast/Rush recs

I'll second Le Colonial - make reservations and ask for the upper patio.

Another of my favorites is Bistro Zinc (State/Cedar/Rush) always a nice place to stop for lunch or dinner. Gibsons is in the same location as is Lux Bar and Hugos Frog Bar - lunch at the Blue Agave will get you decent mexican and for Italian right across the street is Merlot on Maple. Check out - maps to a few of the ones that I like best. Don't over look Salpicón for upscale Mexican.

Have fun! Good food isn't hard to find!

Jun 06, 2007
Gfw in Chicago Area

Best Steak in Chicago?

One of the best steaks that I've had recently was the bone in fillet at Joe's Seafood on Rush and Grand. But, I also like Keefer's.

I only live about 3 blocks from Gibsons and we go there frequently for quick meals is the bar - about the best burgers around - guess I'll have to make a point of ordering a steak :~}

Jan 12, 2007
Gfw in Chicago Area

good restaurants near the Ford Theatre?

I would second Petterinos - we had dinnner there in the bar a few weeks ago - food and service were both great. Depending on the day and time, you may want to call (312-422-0150) ahead for reservations.

Dec 28, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

Il Mulino New York

We have been to the one in Chicago three times - once the night it opened, again in the summer and about 3 weeks ago. The food was very good and for two the bill was just over $200 (each time) - a long way from $750.

Oct 26, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

single malt scotch

Try asking the bartender at Duke of Perth [2913 North Clark Street. Chicago, IL 60610 (773) 477-1741] -they carry between 70 and 90 varieties of Scotch and may be able to point you in the right direction.

Oct 15, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

girls on the town

Check out

Many are within a 2-3 block walk of your hotel - click on the MapIt link.

My favorite for dinner is Bitro Zinc and my favorite for lunch is LuxBar. Gibsons is right across the street and the Original Pancake House is next to LuxBar which is right next to Tavern. On a weekend, the corner of State & Rush is a lot of fun. If you like French/Vietnamese, from your hotel walk east on Oak and North on Rush and look for Le Colonial - inside and outside seating.

Pre-Theatre dinner... Tratoria #10 is also near the theatre where you'll be seeing Wicked.

Have fun in Chicago!

Sep 11, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

Thoughts on Bistro 110?

Gibson's has great burgers, but the burgers at LuxBar (same owners and just across the street) are IMHO are even better - especially with the 'pub' cheese.

I was there last Sunday to another great surprise - their Chili is made with real (not ground) beef and pork - really good stuff!

Sep 07, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

Good Eats near Sutton Place Hotel on 21 E. Bellevue

You are staying at my favorite hotel and there a lots of good places within a short walking distance. Here are a few that I have posted on my website - most also have map buttons:

A great spot for lunch is LuxBar (directly across the street from the hotel) for burgers an fries. For breakfast, the "Original Pancake House" is next to LuxBar. Hugo's Frog bar and Gibson’s are also across the street.

Nearest Redline (train station) is at the corner of Clark & Division (about 3 blocks). Here is also a link to the CTA Trip Planner - at night we prefer to take a taxi.

Have fun in Chicago!

Aug 25, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

ANY ??? nice restaurants that don't need reservations on Sat. eve?

On Saturday night with no reservations, there will be a wait.

One place to try is Bistro Zinc [1131 N State, Chicago, IL 60610-2717 - (312) 337-1131 ] - French food at a reasonable price.

This has become my favorite neighborhood place. The staff is always friendly and the food is consistent and very good - you might also like the desert! Every time we go back I have the same feeling, love this place.

Map Location:

Aug 23, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area


A few weeks ago we had a very pleasant surprise when a BomBonAmericano appeared at the corner of Oak and Clark. We have visited twice, each time taking home goodies like pastry and cookies - really good indulgences.

If your are downtown and looking for pastries or even a nice spot fo lunch check out BomBonAmericano

Map Location:

Aug 22, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

Favorite Fries

LuxBar has some of the best fries around. If the link works, you can find it at (Bellevue and Rush)

You may also want to try the Cheeseburger with 'pub' cheese or the 'Buttermilk Chicken Club' - either makes a great side dish for the fries :~}

Aug 14, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

chicago breakfast and lunch recs// near Lincoln Park and just off clark street

I'm sure that you will get more replys, but one of my favorites is...

Duke of Perth [2913 North Clark Street. Chicago, IL 60610 (773) 477-1741]- nice selection of Scottish beer/ale and really good burgers and fries. Known as the 'Scottish Pub' they also carry between 70 and 90 varieties of Scotch.

You should also be near Weiner's Circle if you like hot dogs.

Aug 01, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

Riccardo Trattoria on Friday

In case you were wondering... we had dinner there Friday evening - arrived at 7:15 and were immediately seated - yes there was a full house and it stayed that way until we left.

The food was excellent and the service was exceptional - we started with soup, both ordered pasta and had a very nice chocolate desert. We will be returning as there were more items on the menu that I want to try. The review in the Sun-Times (post above) was right on.

Jul 29, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

Riccardo Trattoria on Friday

Thanks - it was indeed a nice review and I'm looking forward to dinner this evening. Sound like the most challenging part will be what to pick from the menu :~}

Jul 28, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

Riccardo Trattoria on Friday

Riccardo Trattoria (N. Clark) had a nice review in the August Chicago Mag. - we have reservations for Friday evening - any suggestions as to what to order or any general comments appreciated.


Jul 27, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

Visiting Chicago, Need Suggestions for Casual Eateries

For lunch... A few blocks from shopping, but in the heart of the Gold Coast and perfect for people watching:
- LuxBar - great burgers and try the chicken soup
- Gibsons - also good burgers
- Tavern on Rush - lots of good food.
- Cactus - much more casual, but good thin crust pizza
- Carmines - good Italian

These (and more) can be found at the corner of Rush & State & Bellevue - about 3 blocks north on Michigan Ave and 1 block west. In addition, all have outside seating. My personal preference is LuxBar who also has a nice fried shrimp basket :~}

Jul 27, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

Melvin B's

Any good for what?

Is it a great place to stop for a cold beer? Yes.

Is it a great place to people watch? Yes.

If the food good? Not bad for a snack or lunch but I wouldn't call it gormet! Burgers are good and thay make their own chips.

Can you readily get a seat on a weekend evening? Not really, the crowds are great and the place is a lot of fun!

Hope this helps. If you decide not to try Melvin B's, you will be missing a Chicago summer tradition. And while you are there, try Cactus - it's right next to Melvin B's.

Jun 29, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

French Fried Shrimp

You are absolutely right - Bellevue and not Belmont - thanks :~}

Jun 26, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

70th birthday celebration

And if you don't care to drive, there are a variety of nice places within walking distance:

Bistro Zinc [1131 N State, Chicago, IL 60610-2717 - (312) 337-1131 ] - French - probably my favorite.

Il Mulino [312-440-8888, 1150 N. Dearborn St., Chicago] – A very nice, but also quite expensive - we've been here twice since it opened and enjoyed it both times. On the high side of your price range.

Le Colonial [937 North Rush, Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 255-0088] - Website. French Vietnamese - always fun.

Jun 26, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area

French Fried Shrimp

You can get a great basket of fried shrimp at LuxBar on Belmont (near Rush) for about $8 in the bar food section of their menu.

There are usually about 8 nicely sized shrimp with fries served in a basket with a white cloth napkin. And would you believe... after you finish the fries you won't find any trace of grease on the napkin.

Jun 25, 2006
Gfw in Chicago Area